I found the comments of a troll over at the Last Refuge rather amusing in that the troll truly thought they could continue with a veneer of innocent ignorance. They even had me going for a little bit in that I thought for about ten seconds they may have been truly and genuinely seeking answers but it’s difficult at times to nail down the motives of trolls. I don’t think this particular troll did it merely for the lulz but they certainly had their mind made up about something before embarking on their troll stroll through the treehouse. I think it was this response to Chip Bennett that reveals the motive or true inspiration if you will; that is, this troll has an emotional investment in Trayvon Martin. Of course it took to the end to reveal it, I couldn’t imagine any troll actually starting out this way. So here is one of Chip’s responses and more importantly the response from the troll. The first is a series of block quotes from the troll and Chips responses. After considering Chip’s cogent and apt response will be the trolls final response to Chip.

I asked a question that I did not receive appropriate answers to, just excuses.

Chip: You were given several credible answers to your asinine question; that you chose not to accept them is your problem, not ours.

I don’t care if screams are not admissible in court, it speaks to George’s credibility in other matters that will be admissible in court, such as his NEN call.

Wrong. Martin committed felony aggravated battery against Zimmerman when he sucker-punched him in the nose (PROTIP: the medical record confirms his nose was broken), and when he got on top of him while on the ground, pinned him there, prevented him from getting up, and pummeled him (PROTIP: multiple witness testimonies confirm that Martin was on top of Zimmerman; EMS witness testimony confirm Zimmerman’s bloodied state).

Till then I have to accept George’s word for it and I don’t think (like the police) his injuries appear life-threatening.

Florida statutes do not require Zimmerman to have sustained life-threatening injuries; rather, Florida statutes require that a reasonable person would fear a threat to life or imminent bodily harm. Zimmerman easily surpasses such a threshold.

I don’t know if his nose was broken.

The medical record in evidence confirms Zimmerman’s nose was broken.

I have to accept George’s word for it…

Yes, you do. And legally, so does the State: because Zimmerman is afforded the presumption of innocence. And the State is already on record, in court, stating that they have no evidence to refute Zimmerman’s testimony.

I know if my head were bashed into concrete multiple times till I felt I needed to kill someone, I would want to know about internal injuries I might have that could only be diagnosed in a hospital setting.

Well, bully for you; but that’s entirely irrelevant to the case at hand.

I do know that Trayvon would never have crossed paths with George unless George saw him as a suspect.

Zimmerman viewing Martin as a “suspect” is not illegal, and does not cause him to forfeit his legal right to self defense.

I have questions as to why George considered him a suspect and why he did not identify himself when allegedly Trayvon asked him if he had a problem.

Why Zimmerman viewed Martin as a suspect is likewise irrelevant, and Zimmerman bore no legal responsibility to identify himself. Failure to disclose his identity, or anything else, did not cause Zimmerman to forfeit his legal right to self defense.

I hope this goes to trial and questions are answered by witnesses, evidence and forensics. If not, George will never truly clear his name.

This case will never see a jury. Zimmerman will be granted immunity – an act that will inherently “clear” his name.

Now, do you have anything substantive to add to the discussion? (Don’t worry; that’s rhetorical.)

The trolls response to that?

Chip you are a pompous jerk who is dealing with wishful thinking. A teen who just turned 17 was killed and you seem to have no remorse or regrets while justifying George’s actions on 02/26. You sir, are sickening.

I have maintained from the beginning that what informs how many people think of the George Zimmerman case is how they view Trayvon Martin. If one believes in the false narrative created from the beginning by the Scheme Team then one will be more inclined to believe in George’s guilt. Conversely if one believes Trayvon was a typical negro thug then they will be more inclined to believe in George’s innocence. My position is a bit more nuanced and frankly what really matters most is the evidence and the laws but no need to dwell on that here. The Scheme Team has worked extremely hard for a very long time to shape the character of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, to inject the false racial narrative, to inject many falsehoods, to make constant emotional appeal and much more and as we can see by typical trolls such as the one above, it has for a large part worked.


5 thoughts on “Trollololo

  1. I quit trying to understand how most TM supporters think and come to their conclusions. Most seem to think “speculation” of the events will get GZ convicted. Even if there was a video of TM’s assulting GZ it wouldn’t change their opinions. Many are just hateful people who lack maturity.

  2. The first week & a half, I was leaning towards the Trayvonite camp. When I viewed Natalie Jackson’s meeting with the media at her office, I had the feeling she was attempting to pull the wool over my eyes. I researched Natalie Jackson, Ryan Julison & Ben Crump. I’d read that Crump & Julison had previously worked with Pam Bondi. It was becoming crystal clear that the greedy family had obtained the services of organized Race Hustling Profiteers that had political connections. When I read who had attended the meeting with Mayor Jeff Triplett & resulting in them acquiring copies of much of the SPD investigation material. it was clear their motivation was greed. Four days later they announced the discovery of DeeDee & everybody knew it was concocted bulls–t. The Wagist Site clinched it for me, there was no doubt what was going on. I’ve been an unbending George Zimmerman supporter since. I never considered the race aspect until it became clear the Race Hustling Profiteers were the true racists. From my perspective there are so many Trayvonites because the media incited the masses & furthered the tactic of inciting the mob in hope of creating a news story worth nearly two years of capturing public attention.

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