It’s Clear Who the Racists Are

For the past 24 hours, I and many others familiar with the George Zimmerman case, have had, at the expense of others, quite the laugh at what still continues to this point on Twitter regarding the social aspects that surround the case. I would argue it is the case itself but there’s no need to go into that here. But allow me to address a couple of aspects and explain what I believe has happened. From what I can tell has happened on Twitter is someone tweeted a photo of the front page of an old New York Daily News paper regarding the Zimmerman case. This is believed to be the tweet but it’s difficult to confirm that, regardless it was one of the earliest anyway. Thanks to the Last Refuge commentator archstanton14 for bringing it to our attention early.

Here is a photo of the entire page and a couple of links.

What quickly followed and what still continues were thousands of tweets expressing one of two things or a combination of both. The majority expressed there joy that George had been sentenced to life in prison. Of course as anyone following the case knows, George has not been sentenced to anything, he hasn’t even been to trial yet and he may never go to trial. Now it’s understandable that those who have not followed the case may see a tweet saying George had been sentenced and it could be believable. But anyone looking at the article can see the clear problem. It takes a serious lack in comprehension skills to read that as the first tweeter has done.

Where this truly started to become laughable is when people started expressing the second and more embarrassing aspect. That finally George had been charged, some even saying after 45 days. This was at first difficult to try to ascertain when I was reading the tweets of this nature. Could these people be serious? The problem here is two-fold. First is the glaringly obvious time problem. Trayvon was shot on February 26th 2012, nearly nine months ago. If George had just now been charged, how does one manage to express that as 45 days? It’s clear others saw the photo of the news paper and interpreted it as recent news. The second part of that is the fact that George had been charged back in April, seven months ago, and we have nearly the same time problem. Some of the tweets got absolutely bizarre expressing the George had been charged with LIFE!

Funny as all that was, watching the tweets roll in one after the other expressing jubilation regarding such an obvious error, what has been exposed by this is what is truly at the heart of this case; race. It is a fair and true observation to make that if one is not even aware of the most base and obvious fact that George Zimmerman had been charged with murder in the second degree of the shooting of Trayvon Martin and believes passionately that George is guilty than one can safely assume that person is aware of very little else other than a black person had been shot and killed by a non black person. The great majority of the tweets were made by black people. Many of those didn’t even know George had been charged but knew he was guilty and deserving of a life sentence. For what? Killing a black person and not being black himself. Facts don’t matter in this case except this, that Trayvon was black and that is was a non black that killed him.


3 thoughts on “It’s Clear Who the Racists Are

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