Interview of W8 Comparison

The quality of the audio recording provided to the public and Mark O’Mara of witness number eight came into question in court today. Starting @1:02:45

So much confusion but what is new with the Scheme Team. Quite simply there does, or at least once did, exist a very clear audio recording of this witness’ interview with Benjamin Crump. We know so because in two ABC videos they play segments of the interview in which the audio is very clear. Here is the audio of those two videos;

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Sgt. Tony Raimondo – The Supposed Racist

This is just a short little blog to reflect upon an aspect of the George Zimmerman case that I was reminded of tonight and I feel puts in such simplicity the absurdity of the efforts of the Scheme Team to seek vengeance for the loss of their son, Trayvon Martin. It’s really very simple. All one has to do is ask Sgt. Tony Raimondo how he feels being accused of trying to sweep another dead black male under the rug as Tracy Martin says. Or better yet ask yourselves, is it fair to characterize the Sanford Police Department as a bunch of racists when one of those supposed racists, Sgt. Tony Raimondo, gave direct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Trayvon Martin? How do you think that makes Tony feel? To know that he risked his life to save Trayvon’s only to have the family turn around and say he’s a racist? I don’t think any question puts into better perspective the absurdity of the Scheme Teams efforts. If they’re willing to accuse the guy who tried to save their son of being racist what will they do to those who they believe had done them wrong? What lengths will they go to?