That Damn Phone

Mark O’Mara said the partial report of the forensics done on Trayvon’s supposed phone, I use the qualifier “supposed” O’Mara didn’t, he received from Angela Corey “differed” than the information in the original report done by the guy who did the forensics(as far as I understand he was only able to access the SIM card). That is the only word he used to describe it; differed. So the question is how does it differ? How do they differ to the point where it caused concern in O’Mara?

I only just recently have started to familiarize myself with SIM card forensics and my main interest was what exactly is on a SIM card. Previous to this pdf I found online I thought there was extremely limited information on the card but according to the list in this pdf I find there is much more than what I thought. Here’s is what the pdf lists and describes;

  1. Information about the subscriber: the SIM stores the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), which is a unique identifier for each subscriber in the system, as specified in [ETSI EN 300 927 v5.4.1]. Information about preferred languages could be of help in determining the subscriber’s nationality. Mobile Station ISDN (MSISDN) could be used to retrieve the calls originated by the user towards other phone numbers.
  2. Information about acquaintances of the subscriber: subscribers can maintain a list of the numbers they call or they are called from more frequently or that are of importance to them. Furthermore, subscribers could be registered to one or more groups of subscribers if so called “multicalls” are enabled.
  3. Information about SMS traffic: it is possible to read SMS messages sent and received by the subscriber out of the SIM card, and to see for every received SMS whether it has been read or not.
  4. Information about subscriber’s location: the SIM stores the last area where the subscriber has been registered by the system.
  5. Information about calls: the last numbers dialed are stored in a file in the SIM filesystem. The key used to encrypt the last call is stored there too.
  6. Information about the provider: it is possible to extract the provider name and the mobile network commonly used for communications, along with mobile networks that are forbidden to the subscriber.
  7. Information about charge: some charge information could be stored in the SIM.
  8. Information about the system: every SIM card has a unique ID stored in it. All the services to which the subscriber could be enabled, along with the actual status of abilitation, are stored in the SIM.
  9. Many more data are stored in the SIM, but those just mentioned suffice to justify an effort to extract them.

So given that list what could have “differed” so much to cause O’Mara to write about it? Was it #4 meaning the phone was in a different area than where Trayvon was? Was it #1 meaning different numbers were dialed out of that phone then what Corey’s report showed? I don’t know but hopefully one day the truth will come out about the phone found at the scene and the supposed conversation between Trayvon and W8.

PDF on SIM Card Forensics



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