O’Mara Drops Another Bomb

I’ll keep this short and sweet. In an emergency motion filed today Mark O’Mara describes, well, let me just put it this way, every law enforcement official involved in the early investigation of George Zimmerman considered even the charge of Manslaughter, to say nothing of the later charge of Murder, to be absurd that Serino filed. It’s all a little more nuanced than that but that is the gist of it, you can read the motion for the particulars. Of course, along with that, O’Mara tells us that the meetings the LEO’s had with the State’s attorneys office, along with Officer Santiago who told O’Mara this, were never mentioned in the discovery, O’Mara himself only just found out on Oct 18, 2012. Geez, you would think if Corey truly believed in her case she would not be treading the line of prosecutorial misconduct, if she hasn’t already crossed that line.



That Damn Phone

Mark O’Mara said the partial report of the forensics done on Trayvon’s supposed phone, I use the qualifier “supposed” O’Mara didn’t, he received from Angela Corey “differed” than the information in the original report done by the guy who did the forensics(as far as I understand he was only able to access the SIM card). That is the only word he used to describe it; differed. So the question is how does it differ? How do they differ to the point where it caused concern in O’Mara?

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