DeeDee, the Letter q and a nickname

I don’t want to make too much out of this particular blog because, well frankly it’s nothing major, shocking or conclusive and I may easily be wrong. I was simply examining the redaction’s of witness number 8’s name and noticed two things from two redaction’s.

Looking at this redaction here(p40/284 Tracy Martin April 2) one thing in particular stuck out.

The redaction missed a quotation mark on the left hand side.

I found that same quotation mark here(37/284 Sybrina Fulton April 2)

Now let’s look at those other examples also from page 37.

For some reason they have capitalized all of the letters in some words but not others. The letters in Trayvons social media names are not all capitalized and neither is the description of his praying hands tattoo. But the letters of his tattoos Sybrina and Nana are capitalized. Also the letters of his Great grandmothers name are all capitalized as well. Why is that? It seems to me that whoever wrote this report or typed it places a significance of the capitalized ones over the ones that are not. But what could that significance be? Well I don’t know but my guess is that those names are considered to be real whereas social media names are just that, social media names. I call myself DiwataMan but no one in my real life does. I’ve had various nicknames over the years that people have given me and I suppose if someone said that nickname to the person who made/typed this report and they were writing a report on me they would capitalize all of the letters. And if that same person told them I was known as DiwataMan on YouTube that person would not capitalize all of the letters.

So far then I’m willing to say I believe there is a quotation mark around this persons name. And I believe that name is a nickname. I also believe all of the letters in that nickname are capitalized. The reason why I believe they may be all capitalized is also because of the context the name was mentioned in and who said it. The report states

Martin advised that he obtained the cell phone records of Trayvon’s phone and learned that a girl named “______” was the last person that Talked with Trayvon.

I believe Tracy Martins distrust of the system made him say W8’s nickname as opposed to her real name. And the context suggests the name is not a social media name, or at least was not indicated as such. If it were, my assumption is that the letter then would not be all capitalized as we saw from the other examples. What does this mean then? Not much but if we try the nickname commonly associated with W8, DeeDee, we can try to see if it fits within the redaction. This is not a perfect method because the redaction could be longer than the word giving the impression of a longer word, however there of course limits to that, clearly the redaction wouldn’t be that much longer given that it’s in between words, there’s only so much room. So let’s look at a couple of examples.
The first thing you want to do when doing something like this is attempt to use the same Font type and size. For this I used Arial and just eyeballed the size in Photoshop.

Now some tests using DeeDee

One question here though is who first introduced the name DeeDee. So far as far as I know it was Matt Gutman and the way he wrote it gives me the impression that is her real nickname.

Well that is it for my first observation. The second observation is from page 37/284. Here is that redaction;

And here is what I noticed;

I believe what you are seeing there is the lower case q. Here is an example of another lower case q, albeit sharper quality(sorry, I forget the page number this is from);

I don’t believe it’s the top of letter h as I can’t find another example of an h doing that. I believe this is W8’s real name. My first guess was Laquisha.

Well folks, that’s my observations so far of the redaction’s. Nothing groundbreaking but it is a little something. Also, W8’s last name, at least in the State’s discovery, begins with the letter G, H, I or J as the witness list is in alphabetical order.
UPDATE: I wanted to clarify what I’m talking about when I’m looking at what could be the lower case q. I made a typo that I just corrected that said the letter under the name wan as n, it is not an n clearly as the word is night and we are looking at the letter h in that word. What I’m talking about is the little bump that comes off of the line on the right hand side.

To be sure it may not be a q, I’m quite sure I’ve made the speculative nature of this blog clear. So I hope that clears that up, thanks.


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