O’Mara Slams the State – Hints at possible forgery

In a seven page motion Mark O’Mara slammed the state with accusations of withholding evidence, obfuscating details, flat out ignoring requests for discovery and even possible forgery. The story that says it all is in regards to Trayvon’s supposed cell phone, which allow me to remind you that no evidence to date has been released which shows that there was a phone found at the scene that Trayvon was using. There’s more in the motion(s) than just this one story but for now I will only be dealing with this aspect.

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DeeDee, the Letter q and a nickname

I don’t want to make too much out of this particular blog because, well frankly it’s nothing major, shocking or conclusive and I may easily be wrong. I was simply examining the redaction’s of witness number 8’s name and noticed two things from two redaction’s.

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