You will hate George, you will hate George, youwillhateGeorge, youwillhateGeorge, you…

The title of this blog is meant to reflect a comment I have made over at the Conservative Treehouse that I would like to, in essence, repeat here. It’s in regards to a certain aspect of writing or reporting if you will which I find detestable when used nefariously. That aspect of writing is how an author describes the person or people involved in whatever they are writing, which we can normally find within news articles. When a writer misuses the use of not only descriptors of the people involved but how they use their names it can simply be described as a tactic, a rhetorical tactic. It’s an aspect that I feel is important for people to understand, hence the blog. Think of it as a lesson if you will, something to look out for in future reporting and to be able to guard yourself against it.

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