UPDATE: Jonathan Ables Camp Goes Silent

The Change.org petition for Jonathan Ables has been closed. The creator of the petition states

So you are all aware, I have been asked to remove the petition. As change.org does not remove petitions I can only close it. And I have done so. Thank you all for supporting this..but it is out of my hands now. Thanks!

I have also been told Jonathan’s family has hired an attorney.

The Facebook page for Justice for Jonathan Ables has also been closed.

In my last update…

…I provided two Facebook comments from Jonathan Ables mother and his fiance where they are asking for proper justice. I believe those comment links are broken now as a result of closing the petition. Here are what those comments said and can still be read on the Change.org petition comment section.

Jonathan’s Mother

Jonathan Ables is my only biological child. He is such an amazing young man who worked hard and loved his family and his beautiful Fiance’ Evelyn. My son did not deserve to be murdered on 9-17-2012 in Harris County Texas while on his way to work. Please help me petition for the arrest of Crystal Scott who is currently walking free!


He is my fiancee and I want justice!

Here is a screenshot of the comments from Change.org

The family and fiance have expressed a clear concern and are asking for help and is the only reason why I linked to their facebook comments. Given that, I do not understand why the petition has been closed. If the request came directly from the family then that would strike me as odd given these prior comments. If the request came from their lawyer then my suggestion to Jonathan’s family is to get another lawyer. And if the request came from any other source then the petition should not have been closed and should be re open. I will repeat a sentiment I made in an earlier post; if the Zimmerman case has taught me anything it’s the need to do the exact opposite of what the Zimmermans did. You can’t sit back and just rely on and have faith in the justice system and that somehow the truth will just be revealed. You have to make sure that happens or you will get railroaded. Simple as that.

Frankly I’m surprised this case was reported on at all and if you haven’t noticed the media has no interest since the initial reporting. If the family insists on going the way of the Zimmermans then that is their choice and is a bad choice but is one I will respect. The family by the way has every right to speak out on any aspect they want, just look back on Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Martin, Fulton and their attorneys got to go on every media outlet in the country for the past seven months unquestioned and unchallenged, certainly Jonathan’s family and friends have that same opportunity, though it clearly is not as open and sympathetic since he’s a white male but there are opportunities.

Update: I have been told that the request to take down the facebook page and petition came from Jonathan’s mom BUT that request originated with their lawyer. As I stated then, they need a new lawyer and as I commented they need a new lawyer that understands the dynamics we have seen in the Zimmerman case.

Update: Here is a statement from the creator of the facebook page and petition;

Here is the last thing I posted before I unpublished the [Facebook]page:

Not sure what is going on, but I am being asked to remove this page. Cannot do anything about the petition but close it. Not sure how I feel about this. Of course if Jonathan’s family asks me to do so for their own reasons I would absolutely comply. I am however bothered by an attorney requesting it to be removed through the family as a 3rd party.

I have never acted or pretended to act on the family’s behalf in any official capacity. Just one man and a quest for answers and justice. Am I glad that Jonathan’s family came to know about this page and petition so they can see they are not alone in this? Of course, but this page and my demands for transparency are mine and mine alone and yours if you wish to ask with me.

That being said, I am putting all things regarding this page on hold, and I have closed the petition for the time being. I am not upset with Charlene or Kyle or anyone else in the family one bit, nor do I want to get into anything that might be construed as a pissing contest. I don’t do “I’m doing this whether you like it or not!!” and it was never my intention.

So one last time, I would like to thank you all for coming here, for signing the petition, and making yourselves aware of this case. I appreciate it very much.

-Mike T.

I agree with the sentiments expressed by Mike T. I have also recently discovered he has been blogging and he says he will be blogging about this issue as well. You can find his blog here. http://stillselfdefensestillnotguilty.wordpress.com/


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