I’ve Had Enough – OdessaGirl and Trayvon’s Phone

I am now giving no validity to the position that there was no phone found at the scene belonging to or used by Trayvon Martin based on this persons word. The only reason I gave that position any credence whatsoever was because of the source where such position came from. That source is related to people involved in the case and any such bold claim clearly would have evidence to back it up. And so I was willing to give at least some credence to that position. But over the months I have found that the person who has made such claims has made many other claims which I know to be faulty and as such the reliability has been severely diminished.

That being said, it is true that we have not seen any evidence of a phone found at the scene that Trayvon was using and from now on it is that and that alone from where I will remain in a somewhat skeptical position that a phone was found or not found that Trayvon was using at the time of the confrontation. Until I see such evidence that there was a phone found at the scene that Trayvon was using I will not buy that he was on a phone for those last few moments. That’s it. I’m done with this phone thing until that time arrives.