It’s About Damn Time, George Fights Back

So news has broke that George Zimmerman is considering suing NBC over their infamous edit of his Non Emergency Call. That edit was a clear and brazen attempt to smear the character of George as a racist which in turn helped ferment hatred and vengeance in the hearts and minds of many. This move, although only in the stages of consideration, is enough for me to think the Zimmerman’s finally get it. That is, they finally are truly fighting back. This move represents the larger fight that should have been had from the beginning.

Nobody knew George Zimmerman before March 7th. That date is significant because it’s not the homicide that he was involved with just ten days before that made him famous, it was an article by Reuters titled Family of Florida boy killed by Neighborhood Watch Seeks Arrest that set the precedent for all future reporting. If you go back and read that article you will find the narrative and elements of the story never changed from one media outlet to the next, from that day to this. That narrative and those elements of the article were not the crafting of its author, rather the creation or spin if you will of Tracy Martin’s and Sybrina Fulton’s public relations or spin doctor if you will Ryan Julison along with their attorney and mouthpiece Benjamin Crump, Julison and Crump both still work for Martin and Fulton today.

Martin, Fulton, Crump and Julison worked relentlessly from that day until this, spreading and elaborating on that same spin. They were welcomed unquestionably and unchallenged by nearly every media outlet in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people also bought that spin unquestionably. Of course not every piece of spin, manipulation, myth or lie can be directly attributed to actions of Martin, Fulton, Crump and Julison, the NBC edit is an example of that along with examples like Roseanne Barr tweeting George’s parents address and the NBPP putting out a $10,000 Wanted Award for George. All they and NBC did was a logical extension of the false racial narrative set up from the beginning by Martin, Fulton, Crump and Julison. They are the one who have worked tirelessly to lay the soil from which things like the NBC edit and the like are able to grow and become acceptable.

There is a concept, that I would think many of those who find such spin acceptable, would want applied to themselves, known as the presumption of innocence commonly expressed as innocent until proven guilty. Those very same people who howl from the pulpits, podiums, cameras and street sides the cries of injustice extend no such courtesy of the presumption of innocence to the accused George Zimmerman. It matters not to them what is fact and what is fiction. All that matters to them is that Trayvon was black. They, are the ones who are truly racist. This story started based on race and has remained as such to this day and that is the injustice here and is what George Zimmerman is finally truly fighting against. He is fighting not only for his right to the presumption of innocence but all of our rights to it.

Family of Florida boy killed by Neighborhood Watch Seeks Arrest


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