Update: Jonathan Ables and Justice

Someone has started a Change.org petition and a Facebook page in the name of Jonathan Ables. The Change.org petition, while perhaps well intended, is in my opinion horribly phrased. I do not consider this…

…a murder. This is a homicide. It is only after an investigation that a prosecutor can declare what they believe this homicide to be in accordance with the law. There also should not be an immediate arrest unless the police have determined probable cause for an arrest. The demand should be, just as I have become so accustomed to hearing in the Zimmerman case, simple justice.

Judging from what I have seen and read so far of Jonathan’s family though, I believe they won’t be active in seeking simple justice. I get the feeling they are not that dissimilar from the Zimmerman’s, including George, in their faith in the system and that truth will just be revealed. If the Zimmerman case has taught me anything it’s that such positions are naive. One thing that already has me disturbed is that it was reported the day of the shooting that it was decided this case was going to a grand jury. That reeks of aversion to me on part of the prosecutor. So if anything should be demanded it’s that the police and prosecutor do their jobs and thoroughly investigate this case despite outside pressures by the likes of the NAACP and such.

For more on this story see my blog here.


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