Update: Jonathan Ables Shooting

I now know the approximate, location, direction and distance of the body. I may have to correct this a bit later but this appears to be close, again, this is an approximation. Here is a representation of the location.

Only two things can explain how his body is there in relation to her car. She was quoted as saying that Jonathan was beating on her car window and she shot so either 1) He ran after a shot when off and/or after being shot 2) Her and/or his car was moved after the shooting.

UPDATE: It has occurred to me that this may have not been mentioned but Jonathan died at the scene and was left there for some time, I have an idea as to how long but won’t say right now. Also, some folks have mentioned other possibilities as to his body location. 1) That she shot as he approached the vehicle 2) That someone moved the body. The first two scenarios I gave were going off of the statement that he was hitting her car window. Also, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone moving the body unless it was an emergency that he ought to be moved after dying but I suppose there could be a possibility that someone moved him before cops showed up.

For more on this story see my blog here.


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