Timeline of Events Feb 26, 2012

(Work in Progress)

6:21:54 Trayvon is seen outside the 7 Eleven traveling from the East to the West to enter 7 Eleven

6:24:32 Two minutes later Trayvon leaves the store but is not seen outside heading back East for another five minutes

6:24:32 – 6:29:20 Possible interaction between Trayvon and three other youths at the 7 Eleven

6:29:23 Last frame of Trayvon outside of 7 Eleven heading back the way he came

6:54 – 7:09:34 Timeframe when Trayvon enters the Retreat at Twin Lakes

7:09:34 (ER#1656) George calls the Non Emergency Number

7:11:41 Trayvon Runs

7:11:48 George shuts car door

7:12:00 – 7:12:59 Possible connection time DeeDee call

7:12:11 Possibly George at T intersection of sidewalk, indicates Trayvon is gone

7:13:27 (ER#1656) Call Taker L. Cresswell Remarks Smith, Timothy is En Route

7:13:40 End George’s Call

7:15:00 – 7:15:59 Timeframe when DeeDee’s call ends

7:16:11 (ER#1669) Witness 11 911 Call

7:16:41 (ER#1671) Witness 3 911 Call

7:16:56 Gunshot

7:17:06 (ER#1680) Witness 18 911 Call

7:17:15 (ER#1686) Witness 6 John 911 Call

7:17:54 (ER#1677) Witness 5 Cutcher, Mary 911 Call

7:18:00 (ER#1676) Witness 19 911 Call

7:19:04 (ER#1681) Witness 14 and 15 McClendon, Austin 911 Call

7:19:40 Apx. time Smith has George at gunpoint

7:30:00 Trayvon pronounced dead

7:32:00 Apx. time Mark Osterman and Shellie Zimmerman possibly show up on scene

7:32:00 Apx. time George is transported from scene

7:50:00 Apx. time establishing no ID on Trayvon

7:52:00 Apx. time George arrives at police station

8:30:00 Apx. time police run two car plates to see if they belong to Trayvon, one comes back as belonging to Zimmerman

8:30:00 Apx. time they run a background check on George’s gun.

9:30:00 – 9:44:00 Apx. Time VCME arrives

10:10:00 Apx. time VCME leaves

10:10:00 – 10:20:00 Apx. timeframe Search for shell casing


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