Event Reports by Connection Time

7:09:34 (ER#1656) Zimmerman, George
7:16:11 (ER#1669) Witness 11
7:16:41 (ER#1671) Witness 3
7:17:06 (ER#1680) Witness 18*
7:17:15 (ER#1686) Witness 6 John
7:17:54 (ER#1677) Witness 5 Cutcher, Mary
7:18:00 (ER#1676) Witness 19*
7:19:04 (ER#1681) Witness 14 and 15 McClendon, Austin

*There is some question as to W18 and W19 and which report goes to who. W18 lives on Retreat View Circle so that poses a problem if we place her with ER#1680 as the address on that report is Twin Trees Lane. However there are two reasons to believe that is her report; 1) At the top of page 3 of W3’s Event Report(1671) at 7:32:40 the call taker says the witness from Event 1680 at Retreat View Circle wants to meet with police and is very distraught and may need VA. No doubt that is W18 he is talking about. 2) the REM on ER1860 at 7:21:07 COMPL ADV she wants to be anon. 3m52s into W18’s call she begins to say she doesn’t want to be a witness and he tells her he will leave her as anonymous, you can even hear him typing it out. Take the connection time of 7:17:06 + 3m52s = 7:20:58. The information was entered at 7:21:07. So with those two reasons I have to think that somehow they accidentally put Twin Trees in for ER#1680 and the ER#1860 is W18’s.

7:09:34 Zimmerman, George


7:16:11 Witness 11


7:16:41 Witness 3


7:17:06 Witness 18


7:17:15 Witness 6 John


7:17:54 Witness 5 Cutcher, Mary


7:18:00 Witness 19


7:19:04 Witness 14 and 15 McClendon, Austin



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