Bizarre News Day on Zimmerman Discovery and Societies Sad State of Being

Well the Discovery from the State’s 7th Supplemental Discovery came out today and if you get your news about it from just about anywhere you would think the only thing contained therein was that Trayvon’s DNA was not found on George’s gun. As I posted at the Treehouse;…

I did a Google search for “George Zimmerman”, criteria; “web”, “last hour”, and what I found is disturbing. Five pages of numerous news agencies reporting exactly the same thing; “Tests only identify Zimmerman’s DNA on handgun”. It’s like propaganda right before your very eyes.

Here is a video of that;

Now that is not unusual when it comes from the AP and the news agencies just regurgitate it but the truly disturbing part is they certainly have access to the discovery site which has much more than that one, already known mind you, fact. There was a lot more released today that the headlines should be many different things.

To truly add to the bizarreness is that we’ve known this for months about the gun yet it’s reported as breaking headlines everywhere and as such Twitter has lit up with pro Trayvon folks stating this fact as though it means something significant to them. I can only guess that somehow they think that since Trayvon’s DNA is not on the gun it means George is guilty of murder. Such a sad state of affairs society is in. I knew it was bad before the Zimmerman case but paying attention to how every detail has played out since this freak show began I realize now it’s much worse than I had previously thought. So many people truly can not think for themselves. How in the hell mankind lasted as long as it has is a wonder unto itself.


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