The George Zimmerman Case: Higher Reasoning and Base Response – A Short Response to George’s Innocence From This Perspective

I have not studied law or legal history. But I have studied philosophy, history, human behavior and biology. Those four areas are the base for the following considerations. This will not be exhaustive; to be thought of possibly as a primer or conversation starter if you will.


I believe George was justified in shooting Trayvon because Trayvon placed George into a Fight-or-flight response. This is the main human condition I believe all legal rights of self-defense ought to be primarily based on. One reason why many of those who believe George was not justified is that it was actually he who placed Trayvon into this response. But this is why the facts of what occurred, in not only this but of every case, must be examined then weighed against what is known about this human condition to determine justification. Based off of everything I know about this case, I think it’s fair that I use the following hypothetical comparison that I believe ought to illuminate how I believe George was justified and Trayvon was not. What I’m attempting to do here is look at the specific situation and that actions of the actors, measured and weighed against what is known about humans specifically the Fight-or-flight response.

Simply, imagine you are in your home and an intruder begins to break into it. I believe that such an action can place a human into a Fight-or-flight response and as such any such defense, including homicide, ought to be considered first when legal rights of self-defense are constructed. Now just for the moment, and the sake of the comparison, equate George’s actions, to that of the intruder, from when he first spotted Trayvon to when Trayvon ran. Now, go back to you in your home with this intruder who is breaking into it. You, just like Trayvon, run, but for this comparison you run out of the house and down the street. Two to four minutes go by and you go back into your home knowing the intruder is in there. I believe the actions of running away in this situation tells us you are in a Fight-or-flight response, specifically flight. But then by going back into that same situation minutes later tells us that you are no longer in a Fight-or-flight response, rather you are in what is the secondary consideration for construction of law, particularly legal rights of self-defense, the human condition of higher reasoning.

I have granted, for the sake of the comparison, that Trayvon was at one point placed into a Fight-or-flight response by George, however I do not believe Trayvon was in fact at any time in such a condition. I also do not believe George was in this condition until the assault. I think some of those who believe in George’s guilt intuitively understand this but for whatever reason remain in their beliefs and as such try to reckon such beliefs by minimizing George’s injuries, questioning that he could have possibly ever been in such a condition or asserting Trayvon was unable to put him in such. Such as the way of cognitive dissonance I suppose.


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