Update: Discovery, Event Reports and Timeline

So the Orlando Sentinel is reporting, again, that more discovery will be released apparently now on September 19th. As I mentioned in the other post regarding this round of discovery, one item of interest is the Event Report from W11(the call with the yells) as this will give us the time she called. The call times for each 911 caller, including George Zimmerman’s Non Emergency Call, were reported on March 20th at ClickOrlando.com, however we have never had anything official to be sure of those times, aside from George’s call, and who called in when. Those call times reported are…

George Zimmerman: 7:09:34
W: 7:16:11
W: 7:16:41
W: 7:17:06
W: 7:17:15
W: 7:17:54
W: 7:18:00
W: 7:19:04

The W’s are for Witnesses
W5 Cutcher, Mary
W6 John
W14 McClendon, Austin

However we can only guess at what order the calls came in until the Event Reports are released and even then I expect they will redact information on everyone who called except for W5 and W14 so that will still leave some guesswork involved.

I think most agree W11 is the first 911 caller considering that is the only call where yells are heard. I believe W3 is the person who called next as she starts her call saying someone is screaming outside and I believe we hear the gunshot 16 seconds into her call then she says there was just a gunshot. So the list should start to look like this;

7:09:34 George Zimmerman

The shot heard on W11’s call comes 45 seconds after the start of the call. So if her call came in at 7:16:11 as reported then that would put the gunshot at 7:16:56 on W3’s call. So the reported times look good so far given this information.

7:09:34 George Zimmerman Start
7:13:41 George Zimmerman End
7:16:11 W11
7:16:41 W3

Listening to the calls right now for information is the only way to guess who called when and as such it sounds like the other five 911 callers all called after the shot. With the Events Reports we should have a much better idea as to what that would look like. Just throwing a guess out there I’ll say it looks something like this then;

7:09:34 George Zimmerman Start
7:13:41 George Zimmerman End
7:16:11 W11
7:16:41 W3
7:17:06 W6 John
7:17:15 W18
7:17:54 W5 Cutcher, Mary
7:18:00 W19
7:19:04 W14 McClendon, Austin(sister)

Don’t forget I’ll be adding the Event Report information to my Examination: Event Reports and Radio Transmissions


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