Sondra Osterman vs. Mark O’Mara


…the book has only been given for review by myself, my husband and Mark O’Mara in a confidential setting…

That being said I can assure you that we DID give the copyrighted manuscript (unedited and only partially completed) to Mark O’Mara so that he could review it and let us know if we need to make any changes to the content because the intent of the book is to HELP George not hurt him.

Mr. O’Mara had the manuscript for several weeks and we begged him to let us know if we needed to change anything for any reason and he DID NOT make any changes at that time nor did he give us any indication of not wanting the book to proceed with publication. -Sondra Osterman


UPDATE 9/20/2012:

[O’Mara] said he read a draft of the book before it was published, but felt asking Osterman to change details would amount to witness tampering.

O’Mara said it took him 10 days to respond to the book draft after he received it, but when he got around to asking Osterman to scrap the book, the publishing contract had already been signed.


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