Front End Loading Washing Machines and What They Didn’t Tell Me


Pictured above is the front end loading washing machine made by LG Model#WM2487HRM that I had purchased some years ago and I can say that it has performed very well over the years. But there are two sore points of which were not made clear by the seller or on the display itself that has caused much grief over the years…

The first is that it stinks, literally, it stinks. It didn’t take long for this problem to arise and it’s not like I have been washing anything like used cloth baby diapers, just your everyday typical small family washes you could say. After a period of time, probably six months or so, when we would start a load, the air would permeate with a putrid gagging like stink of the kind that would cause anything with a sense of smell to wish to exit the premises immediately. After some searching on the net I found that this is a typical problem with many front end washers and not particular to a brand or model.

It seems the problem was part of a concerted effort by many to keep in the shadows and I guess after so many were sold the complaints began to flood in and could no longer be kept secret. And so now we get the solution with specifically made for front end washer soaps and such. Of course this doesn’t seem to help so much as the problem was rather intermittent to begin with and we still get the stink once in a while. Then they recommend to make sure to keep up on cleaning various parts of the machine to help. And still the problem remains. Now, after every load of wash I make sure to leave the door open to air dry and not seal in the water. All three efforts do seem to have reduced how often any smell has occurred and has seemed to help with the potency as well but it appears it will never truly go away.

The second problem is the shaking of the machine when on the spin cycle. Again this appears to be a common problem with front end loaders. If you live in a dwelling that does not have the option of placing this machine on a solid cement floor then prepare to have your house shaken with every load no matter the setting. I looked around for solutions but nothing seems to look very good. I’m thinking about running cement footings straight through my crawl space into the ground to support it. Good grief, had I only know.


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