Examination: Event Reports and Radio Transmissions

In this post I will be going over, in excruciating detail, the Event Report(s) from George Zimmerman’s Non Emergency Call(s). And when the Event Reports from the 911 calls from witnesses are released I will add them to this post. This will be a work in progress and some information is based on speculation which will be indicate as such. All information is subject to change.

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First I will separate the Event Report into five “Boxes”;

Box 1


Box 2


Box 3


Box 4


Box 5


Box 1


In Box 1 I believe this is the first symbol


Type of document: Event Report

The next symbol looks similar to the Sandford PD Badge much like Chief Bill Lee is wearing


Here is a charm of that badge


Box 2


Event Number: 20120571656

This number is automatically created within the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system. Every new call will result in a new number that is in chronological order.

Event Type: 13PIR

13P is Code(Dispatch Signal) for Suspicious Person

I is Code for In Progress

R is code for Routine (3. Routine, 2. Priority, 1. Urgent)

Current Status: Deleted

As opposed to open status (Still working on this one, not sure what they mean by Deleted)

Box 3


ANI/ALI stands for Automatic Number Identifier/Automatic Location Identifier. Had this been a 911 call, information would be present.

Connection: 02/26/2012 19:09:34
Date and Time(Military Time) 7:09:34 PM. I believe this is the time George connected with the call taker.

Created: 02/26/2012 19:11:12
This I believe is the time when the call taker first entered information into the History box or Box 5.

By: snoffke
This is the call takers name. First Initial: S Last Name: Noffke

On Terminal: TM21
Laptop Identifier Number. This is literally where the call taker is sitting within the call center.

Every other entry is blank so I won’t go over those right now. I would have thought there would be information there and don’t know why there isn’t. Might come back to this at another time.

Box 4


Dom Nbr: N/A
Stands for Domicile Number. I believe had this been a call to something like an apartment building a number would be present here.

Municipality: SA
I believe that stands for Sanford Area

Call Source: TEL

Priority: 3
Priority 3 is Code for Routine (3. Routine, 2. Priority, 1. Urgent)

Agency: SPD
Sanford Police Department

Region: S

Zone: S13
S perhaps stands for Section and I’m guessing this is the Mapped/Divided section of Sanford they use with The Retreat at Twin Lakes located within that section.

Alt Agency: SES
Not sure who that is, could be Sanford Emergency Services

Alt Zone: Z22
Not sure. I’m guessing that’s where the Alt Agency is located. Perhaps all of Sanford is Zone 22 and again with the Retreat at Twin Lakes located within S13

Final Event Type: N/A
Not sure what this is or why it is blank.

Case Nbrs: N/A
Case Number(s). When a case number is assigned a number will be present here.

Disposition Code: N/A
Not sure what this is or why it is blank.

Assigned Units/Status: Smith, Timothy-S2711-PEU; Ayala, Ricardo-S1312-PEU
Officer Smith, Timothy – Radio ID S2711 – PEU(not sure what PEU is yet, one of my guesses is PE = Pending and I don’t know about the U.)

Box 5


This box contains the information received, communicated and entered into the CAD system by the call taker, police and anyone who enters the system to add information to the report. It begins with the most recent entry and works it’s way down the list at each time a new entry was made. The first time the call taker pressed enter on the CAD system for this box then was at 7:11:12. I will start with the first entry while explaining each heading.

Crtd_DateTime: 2/26/2012 19:11:12

Created Date and Time
TermID TM21
Terminal Identification Number. As we saw earlier this is the exact location where the call taker who entered this information was sitting at in the call center.
EmpID: 107052
This is that call takers or Police Officer’s Employee Identification Number. In this case 107052 is the call takers number.
Radio ID P1867
This is the Radio Identification number of the radio the Call Taker or Police officer is using. In this case, P1867 is the Call Takers radio.
CmdID stands for Command Identification.
REM stands for Remarks
Various entries made by the call taker(s) and police officers
This entry has Ten Codes, Dispatch Signals and abbreviations.
1017 is code for Conduct Investigation
BM = Black Male
LSW = Last Seen Wearing
COMPL = Complainant
REF = Reference
S21S = There are three types of Burglary Signals S21B(Business), S21R(Residence) and S21V(Vehicle). I am unsure what S21S is then. In the call, George said they have had some break-in’s in the neighborhood, so considering that is non specific to the type of Burglary I assume the S after the 21 means something to the effect of unspecified.

7:11:12 S. Noffke remarks from terminal 21 on radio P1867 for an investigation to be conducted of a black male last seen wearing a dark grey hoodie, jeans or sweatpants walking around area. And the complainant is concerned in reference to recent burglaries.

7:11:12 S. Noffke EVA(Event Added) from terminal 21 on radio P1867 remarks his name?

7:11:17 Ayala, Ricardo calls in from radio S1312 to Employee L. Cresswe(Last names get cut off because of length, this last name is Cresswell) #104137 at TM06(terminal 6) as DIS(dispatched)

7:11:59 S. Noffke remarks Subj(Subject) now running towards back entrance of complex

7:12:13 Ayala, Ricardo radios to L. Cresswell that he is ENR (En Route)

7:13:12 S. Noffke remarks George will 1056(Meet With) at mailboxes of complex

7:13:27 Smith, Timothy radios into L. Cresswell that he is in Dispatch

7:13:27 Smith, Timothy radios into L. Cresswell that he is En Route. Remarks are entered in reference that he is En Route to this Event Number 1656

7:13:27 L. Cresswell Remarks Smith, Timothy is En Route to this Event Number 1656

7:13:41 S. Noffke remarks George now REQ(requests) LEO(Law Enforcement Officer) 1045(Call by phone) before 1056(Meet with)

There is a noticeable mark between this entry and the next that catches my attention. It may very well be nothing of any significance, perhaps just a printing error but I think it’s at least worth noting. I would think that if this was something redacted it would just be blacked out but you never know.

I am thinking that because George’s call is just over four minute, the end of that call would be right at around 7:13:41. The entries after this time then appear to be in reference to another Event Report, 20120571671.

At 1:18 of the Unedited Radio Transmissions the dispatcher advises a “Signal 60(Shots Fired) from Twin Lake Townhouses, people screaming and a gunshot”. We know the shot is heard 45 seconds into W11’s call. So the Radio transmissions starts around 30 seconds before she calls.


7:17:11 Smith, Timothy, employee ID #S25894 radios in EVM(possibly Event Modification) using his mobile terminal #4027

7:17:11 Again Smith, Timothy, employee ID #S25894 radios in EVM using his mobile terminal #4027

7:17:11 Smith, Timothy, radios in ARV(Arrived)

7:17:36 L. Cresswell radios Smith, Timothy PEU

7:19:52 L. Cresswell radios Ayala, Ricardo PEU

7:20:21 L. Cresswell remarks EVD – DUPE – (I’m not sure what this is.)

3/8/2012 2:07:19 PM: Someone remarks on this Event Report to EVT 1671 (in reference to Event Report 1671)

Bottom Right Hand Corner: Date and Time this document was printed

Okay. That was the Event Report for the Non Emergency call placed by George and here is the audio for that.

The next Event Report of interest is the 911 call made by W11. We should be getting this Event Report of hers and the other 911 callers anytime soon.

W11’s Event Report Number is 2012571669(In Serino’s report p40/183 the numbers are missing a zero, I will add them)

The calls should follow in chronological order.

20120571656: George’s Non Emergency Call
20120571669: W11
?: W3
And so on.

There is another Event Report of interest. This Event Report was placed in with the 911 Call History of George and is the last entry after the call when he first spots Trayvon(Event Report 20120571656). The Event Report Number is 20120571685. I have always wondered if that Event Report was of a call George placed after the shooting, as we see in the bloody head photo taken by W13, but I could never be sure. Now, knowing more, I’m thinking he just hit redial on his phone after the shooting. Here is that Event Report.


Also of interest are the Radio Transmissions (Unedited and Edited)

Transcription of Radio Transmissions(Rough Draft)

NOTE: The radio transmissions are not in continuous real time as if all one recording from the first call to the last but it is in chronological order. These are just the transmissions that have been released by the State to the public all put together.

(0:00) To 1312(Ayala, Ricardo) Copy 13P(Suspicious Person)
(0:05) unintelligible
(0:10) 10-4(Affirmative or OK) The 215 Area for a black male late teen wearing a dark grey hoodie and sweat pants, walking around, last seen running towards the back of the complex
(0:28) 10-4
(0:31) unintelligible 12
(0:36) unintelligible
(0:39) Go ahead
(0:43) unintelligible 61 to apartment
(0:51) 26er
(0:58) 2711 (Smith, Timothy) I’ll be unintelligible
(1:09) 10-26 (Message Received)
(1:18) unintelligible Signal 60(Shots Fired) from Twin Lake Townhouses, people screaming and a gunshot unintelligible
(1:26) 2711 (Smith, Timothy) unintelligible
(1:33) unintelligible
(1:39) unintelligible
(1:45) 26 Be advised that’s right outside that’s a 20 waiting for more information
(1:51, 7:17:11) unintelligible in front, there’s nobody out here
(1:58) 10-4 also got a call from (redacted) unintelligible yelling and a single 60 heard saying it’s behind that location, still no further information
(2:15) We’ve got two calls on this?
(2:18) I just got a third and a fourth one of them is advising a 35(Shooting with injuries) at (redacted)
(2:24) unintelligible traffic
(2:32) Eleven officers are 342711 1918
(2:37) What was the address(cross talk Sanford this is Lois)
(2:42) 2711 What was the address on Retreat View
(2:56) 2711 to (Redacted) someone’s laying in the back yard
(3:04) okay, give me the unintelligible
(3:07) 10-4
(3:10) We are confirmed 35?
(3:14) Yes, I got one at gunpoint I got unintelligible
(3:23) unintelligible I’m almost there
(3:29) Sanford, localize the code please
(3:41) Where you at
(3:48) Sanford where’s he at
(3:51) I’m on Retreat View
(3:58) 202 is coming to 97(aircraft assist) the area
(4:07) I need, I need somebody ASAP I’ve got one down with a gunshot wound and I got one secured
(4:14) Whose complex is this?
(4:17) unintelligible across from Bentley Elementary
(4:27) unintelligible I don’t see a car, where’s your car
(4:30) I’m behind the address on Retreat View
(4:50) Left or right when I come in
(4:54) Left
(4:57) 1312 I’m with him
(5:00) 1921
(5:04) unintelligible
(5:17) unintelligible
(5:19) 1312
(5:21) 35 Subject is unresponsive
(5:25) Copy, I’ll have the FD unintelligible redacted
(5:34) 202 we got one secure here, one down
(5:38) 26
(5:43) unintelligible close the gate
(5:58) unintelligible Sanford, we have a chest wound and unresponsive male, we’re going to start CPR
(6:05, 7:23:00) I copy that, 19:23 hours
(6:35) FD’s coming unintelligible Rinehart(Road)
(6:44) 2412 2512 unintelligible
(6:52) 10-26 That makes unintelligible
(7:00) 2112 97 35
(7:10) 60 unintelligible
(7:17) unintelligible FD unintelligible get here
(7:26) 10-4 to the release of station
(7:30) Just hold it for right now
(7:33) I copy
(7:40) unintelligible
(7:53) unintelligible Give me the time we started CPR
(8:03) 19:23
(8:05) How much time has transpired
(8:10) Six minutes
(9:06) 1912 Sanford, give me time, confirm signal 7(Dead Person)
(9:10, 7:30:00) 19:30 hours
(10:11) unintelligible Sanford, we’re still in traffic, unintelligible for me
(10:16) Copy
(10:19) unintelligible 10-33(Emergency Traffic) unintelligible
(10:25) unintelligible
(10:29) unintelligible 13
(10:31) unintelligible Signal 4(Vehicle Crash) Delta 1 (Written Warning) unintelligible
(10:39) I copy
(10:49) unintelligible to 10?
(10:52) unintelligible
(10:54) I believe we have some family showing up, 10-4 to transport 10-12(Rider) to 10-40(Station)
(11:03) 10-4
(11:11) 2711
(11:13) 2711
(11:16) Adult male 10-12 10-51(En Route) 10-40
(11:37) unintelligible(2512?) Sanford, I’ll be en route with 2711 to 10-40
(11:41) unintelligible 12
(12:22) 202 to 102
(12:25) Go ahead
(12:27) Do we have a good ID on the gentleman here?
(12:31) unintelligible Signal 7?
(12:33) Yeah, 10-4
(12:35) Negative, no ID on him
(12:43) 3010 Sanford (Sounds like Serino)
(12:45) 3010
(12:46) unintelligible (Something about the scene)
(12:53) At 1946(I think time)
(13:00) 2711 Myself and 2512 are unintelligible ( I believe this is when they arrive at the police station with Geore)
(13:05, 7:52) 2711 at 19:52
(13:13) 1212 10-8(In-Service) unintelligible
(13:18) I copy, thank you at 19:57
(13:28) 2112 Sanford, I’ll also be also be En Route to that unintelligible from Twin Lakes
(13:32) 2112
(15:22) unintelligible
(15:26) 1212 to 1959
(16:37) Sanford to 102 or 202
(16:46) Go ahead
(16:48) 10-4 Ma’am, unintelligible, just 43(10-43 Information) making sure you’re aware that a complainant at (redacted) wanted to 56er(Meet with), witness also
(16:57) unintelligible
(17:00) I’m sorry, 10-9 (repeat)
(17:02) I’ll send an officer
(17:05) I copy, thank you
(17:08) unintelligible Foxtrot
(17:13) I copy, 2112 unintelligible
(17:21) unintelligible
(17:27) unintelligible You’re 10-1(Receiving poorly)
(17:32) unintelligible
(17:48) unintelligible Sanford, that was Unit 4 taking a 10-8
(17:55) 10-26er
(18:02) 492 Sanford
(18:04) 492
(18:06) unintelligible give me that apartment number again
(18:17) Sanford 2412 unintelligible 10-25(In Contact with)
(18:20) 10-26 then
(18:25) unintelligible 13
(18:28) Go to 13
(18:30) unintelligible (redacted) unintelligible witnesses unintelligible
(18:43) 492 unintelligible
(18:46) 492 at 2056
(18:54) unintelligible
(18:57) Go ahead
(18:59) I’m en route to that call on Twin Trees Lane
(19:07) 12 I copy
(19:09) Sanford, unintelligible 10-8
(19:14) 6024 2106
(19:22) unintelligible
(19:25) unintelligible 12
(19:27) unintelligible Twin Trees unintelligible
(19:36) 3010 Sanford
(19:41) 3010
(19:43) unintelligible from the scene I’m 10-6(Busy) 10- unintelligible
(19:48) 3010 at 2056
(19:53) 1312 Sanford
(19:56) 1312
(19:58) unintelligible the Retreat call unintelligible
(20:04) 10-4
(20:11) 5011 10-7(out of Service)
(20:13) unintelligible 102
(20:20) 3010 Sanford
(20:24) 3010
(20:26) unintelligible
(20:30) 10-4 307
(20:37) unintelligible to the 35 at airport unintelligible
(20:44) 10-4
(20:51) unintelligible
(20:57) unintelligible
(20:59) Before you can get major crimes rolling unintelligible 35
(21:06) 10-4
(21:12) Sanford on Bravo unintelligible major crimes
(21:15) That’s 10-4 I’m trying them now
(21:18) Okay go ahead and get crime scene rolling to
(22:27) 10
(22:31) Sanford to 10
(22:38) 10 Sanford
(22:46) 10
(22:48) unintelligible so we got a 35 unintelligible 1208 unintelligible a male single 7 by the FD, we got the shooter 10-12, we got major crimes and crime scene rolling
(23:07) 10-4
(23:13) 5011
(23:15) 10-4 Show me, um, 10-8 unintelligible 61071
(23:23) Okay
(23:29) 1212 Bravo
(23:32) 2512
(23:34) unintelligible
(23:37) Go ahead
(23:57) unintelligible expires 2016 unintelligible corrective lenses, negative 29 unintelligible
(24:07) unintelligible
(24:09) You’re welcome
(24:15) unintelligible Delta 28
(24:21) Go ahead with your plate
(24:23) Alpha Tango Tango 0 6 8
(24:40)(apx. 8:30pm) unintelligible Honda unintelligible expires 6/19/2012
(24:55) Thank You
(25:03) 2312 Bravo
(25:09) I’m sorry?
(25:12) Run a tag for me
(25:19) What’s the tag
(25:21) Florida tag 816 Kilo Lima Papa, tell me if it’s registered anywhere in Twin Lakes
(25:43) Zimmerman
(25:46) Thank You
(25:53) 2711 Bravo unintelligible gun
(26:12) Go ahead
(26:15) unintelligible Romeo Juliet Yankee 0 8, it’s a 9mm Kel-Tec
(26:33) Romeo Juliet Yankee 0 8 nothing unintelligible
(26:43) unintelligible
(26:46) unintelligible
(27:23) unintelligible
(27:25) Go Ahead
(27:34) Go Ahead
(27:36) You called me
(27:38) Did you get anything back on the serial number for that gun?
(27:41) I advised it was negative
(27:43) unintelligible came across, thank you.


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