Sgt. David Morgenstern? Really? You Got to Be Kidding.


Not so unbelieving, another…

…white man goes down to blame for the woes surrounding all in the Zimmerman/Martin case. WFTV has reported today on what was supposed to be a secretly kept letter from Sanford Police Interim Chief Richard Myers to Sgt. David Morgenstern, Sanford P.D.’s media liaison or PIO(Public Information Officer). Myers writes, in part(PDF available at WFTV),


Proud new member of the Scheme Team


I would think very few people who are not very familiar with the details of this case even know who Morgenstern is. He was part of a short lived focus of criticism that stemmed from Mary Cutcher, who has a brother who is friends with Morgenstern, and that was about it.

So now Myers wants to blame Morgenstern for the Scheme Team’s successful smear campaign of the SPD and not being able to, ah what was that, oh yeah “craft his message more effectively”. It would be laughable if not so tragic. Just exactly what message was that by the way? All Chief Bill Lee did was put out a few quotes asking for people to be patient and let the process work. You really think you can find someone to be more effective at conveying that simple message? You better get a team of Ryan Julison’s if you want to be effective at combating such onslaught, campaign and effort you delusional idiot.


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