Tracy Martin’s “Cat” Tattoo and Alicia Martin


Some time ago there was speculation as to what the “Cat” tattoo on Tracy Martin’s neck stood for. And even more so as to why he changed it during…

The Martin Magical Money Tour.


I reported this on the treehouse some time ago and thought I would present it here. I believe the “Cat” refers to a nickname given to Alicia Martin. And the reason for the removal is due to the break up of the couple, more than likely due to the fact of Alicia finding out about Brandy Green and Tracy being in a relationship for over two years.


I was surfing the net for information on Alicia and there is very little out there. I just happened to come across this obscure interview of her at the Spartan News Network; from the About Page;

The Spartan News Network is a website and newspaper published by the journalism students at Lakewood High School

Interview and Photo by Dem’e Davis|SNN Staff Writer

It is within that interview, a bit over 7 minutes in, that she makes reference to the nickname “Cat”;

He[Trayvon] called me Cat

So with that I believe the “Cat” on Tracy’s neck was in reference to Alicia.

Alicia says a few other things I found interesting. The first thing that stood out to me was what she said in regards to Tracy Martin and The Martin Magical Money Tour;

Interviewer: Do you feel left out in any kind of way?

Alicia: Oh yes, I feel left out. I feel left out on everything. It’s like, I raised him, 15 years, and for him[Tracy] to shut me out, it hurts, it hurts real bad. Now I just don’t even bother, I don’t look at the news, I don’t follow it anymore because it’s too painful.

Very sad. And I find her to be very genuine. It’s too bad that in the Scheme Team’s efforts to present a tight knit family Alicia therefore had to be shut out of the process.

She also believes in that process though and sees, much like Tracy does, Trayvon as a symbol for positive change for the black community. Frankly I think they are all deluding themselves and if this has done anything it has only harmed the future of the black community.

She mentions exactly what this case has come to represent. If George were never charged or if he gets off at a SYG hearing or if a jury finds him innocent blacks will feel as though they can be shot and killed and nothing will happen. Conversely non-blacks will feel as though they will never be able to defend themselves from blacks for fear of what will happen as we have seen in the Zimmerman/Martin case. The reason we find ourselves in this dichotomy is because the way this case has been spun and they are victims of their own making.

Finally, she was asked if she could say anything to George she would ask why he did it. I wonder if she’s even aware of a claim of self defense and George’s injuries. Perhaps she just believes that Trayvon was only armed with Skittles therefore what could he possibly have done.

Reportedly, Alicia will be appearing on the Dr. Phil Show September 10, 2012.


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