Witness Number 2


I have discussed this witness before but have been meaning to go over what this witness has said again since the last Discovery documents were released. I am not a lawyer and as such am unaware of any legal significance of what this witness has to say but twice now the State has testified, at both bond hearings, that this witness said she saw a chase. So let’s go over what has been said and done.

First let’s look at the State’s Redacted Discovery Exhibit and Demand for Reciprocal Discovery

And the Redacted Second Discovery

Audio Interviews
March 1, 2012 (4 Days after the shooting)
Here is her first audio interview with Detective Serino. He ends the interview and the recording but starts another audio recording with her right after and as such the State has uploaded the interview as two separate tracks and so I will do the same.

March 9, 2012 Detective Serino Second Interview

Serino’s Report Page 40/183

Serino’s Un-redacted report Page 8/29

March 20, 2012 Batchelor & Post Interview

In this interview Witness Number 2 will give a nearly complete conflicting statement in regards to a “chase”. The chase between two people has now turned into perhaps maybe she heard footsteps of a person running and maybe caught a glimpse of a person.

Batchelor Report page 65/284

Witness Locations
 photo evidencewitnessmap-Copy-1.jpg

March 29, 2012 page 29/284

April 20th Bond Hearing


June 29th Bond Hearing @2:20:28


Bernie asks the court to hold to a certain standard. That standard is to consider all of witness #6 statements. It’s unfortunate the State, who is supposed to find the facts and represent truth, feels it does not have to apply that same standard to itself in regards to witness #2 because as far as what they testified to, twice now, under oath to that same judge they ignored her conflicting statement and gave the judge what they wanted and nothing reeks more of agenda then that.

Where we don’t see mention of the chase
Serino’s Un-redacted Capias Request


W2 or W1, W2’s sister, also signed the petition for Trayvon.


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