Trayvon’s Phone Records


If in fact the phone records, that have been shown to us so far, do in fact belong to Trayvon Martin then I believe I can show that DeeDee did in fact call that number and that her number was also called from that phone. But if that is fact then it does not necessarily follow that Trayvon was the person who answered the call at 7:12…

Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone Record’s (Original upload by Crump/Not official State upload)

On page 83 of the Second Discovery Documents 284 Page PDF you will find the following information;


Here is the Redacted First Discovery List where you can see the corresponding date to W8’s(DeeDee’s) phone records on page 7.


From there you will find the same number show in the video in this article here @ 0:47;–abc-news.html

It is the last two entries on the list that are the most clear but even with how fuzzy it is you can tell it is the same number given in the FDLE report. Here is a closer shot but you should experiment yourself to see.


The entry at 7:12 is difficult to tell but it does look similar to the other entries and it looks to have the number 9 as the last number on the prefix.

The one call there that does not look like the same number is the one minute call at 7:04 but the rest do.

In the following video @1:17 on this article you will find the Sanford Police Departments number that made two phone calls to that phone on March 2nd 2012.

Here is a close up of that;


As I discussed in Is that Trayvon’s Cell Phone? OdessaGirl has claimed the phone found at the scene is not Trayvon’s and that it took a court order and three weeks to get Trayvon’s phone as it was in Miami. If there is any validity to those claims then what could have happened? The speculations are endless but given this and other information the following speculation is the one I’m going with now.

I’m guessing now the scenario is Trayvon ran home in order to drop off any identifiers such as the phone, possibly ID and maybe some drugs, on the porch then went back to get George. Chad may have seen him do that and Trayvon ordered him to stay in the house and lock up while he goes and takes care of something. The phone rings and Chad answers it. It’s DeeDee and they start trying to figure out what’s going on. Before they get far into the conversation Chad hears the gunshot. Given the fact that Chad and DeeDee now know Trayvon went after the guy and ended up getting shot they fear they might get in trouble and don’t tell anyone. Chad ends the call and puts the phone back on the porch with the other stuff that Trayvon dropped off which Tracy and Brandy later find. Tracy collects the items including the phone and that’s how it ends up back in Miami. Someone needs to grill Chad and DeeDee and get all of their social media from that day to this and see if they know something.

Here are the comments made by Brandy and Tracy about Trayvon that makes it sound like they believe Trayvon was sitting on the back porch after getting home from the store when George went after him. Why would they think that? I’m guessing because they found his belongings on the back porch. People will say here then why didn’t he drop off the Skittles and Watermelon Cocktail and to that I say he was only worried about dropping off the important stuff.

Interviewer: What was the last thing Trayvon told you before he went out that night?

Tracy: My last conversation was I asked him if did he have any money for the pizza, [unintelligible: I had them order? we had them order?] order a pizza, and I asked did he have any money for that, he told me he had money left over and I told him I’ll see him when I get in.

Interviewer: And so when you were walking with TV crews, that was the path that Trayvon took presumably?

Tracy: I don’t know the exact path he took but he did come in that back gate and I knew he was going to the back of the house he was sitting out there

@1:12 “He don’t know anybody here, he just came down here, he was bored so he walked to the store, he was on his way back home, I’m living down here[points towards home], he was sitting out on the porch, and this man killed him? are you serious?”

Update 9/6/12: There are other question about the phone records that I will add later to this post. One question was of the photo of the records on the ABC webpage and what appears to be an area in between phone entries that appears as though it may have been manipulated. I believe though it’s just a page bleeding through. Here is the description on that.

It appears to me that the original source for the photo of the phone records is from the following webpage, link below, from ABC and is located at the bottom of the page. Also the first video that automatically begins playing is titled “Trayvon Martin: Investigating the Investigation” and is 1 minute and 58 seconds long. In that video at 1:14 to 1:20 you can see the phone records. The video that plays automatically after that one is titled “Neighborhood-Watch Shooting: Girlfriend Speaks” and is 2 minutes and 26 seconds long with the records at 0:43 to 0:49. Both of the videos and the photo only show a shot of page 7 of the records.

The photo of the records on ABC’s webpage appear to me to be just that, a literal photo of the pages. One on top of the other. It looks to me as though page 7 is on top of page 6 with page 6 bleeding through to page 7.


I printed out page 6 and 7 and put page 7 on top of 6 and took a photo.


So with that I think what we’re seeing is an outgoing call to DeeDee at 6:45pm from page 6 but I can not be certain. Also the reason you can’t see as much bleeding through theirs as mine is for two reasons; 1) They used a flash whereas I did not 2) I put my pages up in front of a window causing more back-light to come through giving it a stronger contrast whereas they were probably in a studio or something and just took a photo of the pages sitting on a table or something to that effect.


Trayvon Martin’s Last Phone Call Triggers Demand for Arrest ‘Right Now’


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