The Scheme Team

I’m not sure who first applied the term but when I think of the Scheme Team I think of it like this.

First there is the core; Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump and Ryan Julison. I think of the core of the Scheme Team has its genesis in Tracy Martin


It was his distrust of police in that he believed, unjustly, that they were just wanting to “sweep another dead black male under the rug.” as he stated. He then contacted his sister-in-law and attorney Patricia Jones.


Though I don’t consider her officially a member, it was her who put Tracy in contact with the most infamous member, Benjamin Crump.


Two of Crumps partners, Daryl Parks and Jasmine Rand have not made nearly as many appearances as Crump but they are certainly members of the Scheme Team



Now that Tracy had his legal team in place Crump knew more would be needed so he contacted Natalie Jackson who was happy to join the team


Jackson in turn contacted the most elusive member, Spin Master and Deception Specialist Ryan Julison


He was hired, believe it or not, a day after Trayvon was in the ground and two days later they had their false narrative crafted and ready for the press and Barbara Liston of Reuters was happy to unquestioningly oblige.


Soon after, Sybrina Fulton and her son Jahvaris joined


And what I call the Scheme Team was formed, first there is the core; Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump and Ryan Julison then the secondary tier; Natalie Jackson, Daryl Parks, Jasmine Rand, Sybrina Fulton and Jahvaris. Then you have the third tier of the Scheme Team, the Media, who as I mentioned above started with Barbara Liston, other notable members are Jeff Weiner and Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentienal.



And of course there is Matt Gutman


From there nearly every media outlet; Main, Cable, Print and Blog was playing the same tune. Then you have the fourth tier, the black organizations, to name just a few;


then of course there are these guys



Then the fifth tier, the masses;


Only 6 percent of black voters believe Zimmerman was acting in self-defense, while 82 percent said he was not, the poll found.

And with all that you finally get a de facto sixth tier, the capitulators and cowards; Investigator Chris Serino, Chief Bill Lee, State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett, Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi and State Attorney Angela B. Corey.



10 thoughts on “The Scheme Team

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  7. When you say; “Tracy Martin SIL” is this the sistet of TM former Step Mother whom Sabrina took all the credit for raising TM? Or is this Brandi Green’s sister? Also, did Tracy Martin remove a tatoo recently? On the neck?

  8. This is the only time you will hear me EVER stick up for Tracy Martin. Although TM was suspended for 10 days which basically lead to TM being expelled, I can not say that I can’t blame Tracy Martin for not wanting to find out answers about his son. I could not imagine finding out my child was killed to only get minimal information as to what happened. We know the story from there. And the story is not what the Scheme Team told.
    However, what happened next was the propaganda of the century all for two reasons: Money and Greed lead by: NatJack, Jesse Jackson, Crump, Parks and the “Rev” Al. Ryan Julius.. Poor Bastard, did he not see the Black Panthers ( “Rev” Al most certainly has connections with them!) make posters and pay good money for them with the text; “BoyCott all white businesses”
    The “Rev” Al could not even endorse a NYC nominee for mayor — which I am sure “Rev” Al will want favors from, the “Rev” Al could not endorse because, well, these were his exact words; “I can’t I am working on the Trayvon Martin thingy”. So as this Scheme Team started a race war and claimed to be so angry about black youth ( My boyfriend os black and agrees 100% ) no one from the NAACP could name one youth from Chicago that was killed.
    I digress!

    • I’ve never blamed him for wanting answers, that’s to be expected. But if it wasn’t for him none of this would have happened. Despite the cooperation of the SPD and giving him really more than they should have because it was an active investigation and despite any evidence he still went on the stereotypical distrust of police thing and went after George because his son happened to also be black and made this thing about race.

      Tracy Martin could have stopped this thing before it began. All the other people came on board afterwords. Tracy Martin initiated it all and agreed to everything Crump, Jackson, Julison, etc. wanted to do and rolled with it to this day. If I blame anyone the most for all of this it is him. Also maybe if he were more of an actual father to his son he might still be alive today. He gets no quarter here.

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