A New Judge? An Immunity Hearing?

Don’t get too excited…

Let’s say O’Mara is successful in getting a new judge. You know what the means to me? Nothing. Even if it assures a more fair Stand Your Ground, Self Defense, Immunity or whatever you want to call it hearing. I’m still working under the auspices that no one wants to be held responsible for potentially sparking riots that may result in billions of dollars in damages and lost revenue in the State of Florida, especially in the form of lost tourism. That is a huge incentive for any judge, or anyone involved in this case for that matter, to just want this to go to trial and let a jury deal with it. This doesn’t have to be conspiratorial in nature. It may just as well be something that constantly weighs in the back of one’s mind and so little decisions get made, unconsciously or not, that would not have had otherwise.

Every time I think of this aspect of the case I think of Serino and some of the things he said in his interrogation in conjunction with him going back to the beat. He despised the fact that he was put into such position and he saw what was coming, his fellow officers such as Sgt. Author Barnes, who told the FBI he believes the African American community would be in an “uproar” if Zimmerman is not charged, reminded him of it as well. So what did he do? Asked for George to be charged. He wanted out and that was his way out. He of course made sure he was never put in that position again by going back to the beat.

Then of course there are the other players. Norm Wolfinger and Bill Lee held out for a little while but they eventually caved and went into hiding. City Manager Norton N. Bonaparte Jr., Mayor Jeff Triplett, Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott were also happy to appease the masses and the black organizations by moving this thing towards arrest and trial. And so of the twenty State Attorney’s they could have chosen from, who do they choose? The lunatic who tries 12 year old children as adults for murder. The Grand Jury of course would have to be cancelled because anyone bringing this case to it would be seen as the one responsible.

Along with the incentive of not wanting to be the person held responsible for potentially losing Florida billions of dollars you also have the fact that many of the actors involved get their positions by way of election. Then there’s the incentive of not wanting to appear as racist because clearly if you believe George is innocent until proven guilty, or god forbid did nothing wrong and should have never been charged, then you must be racist.

So if you’re sitting there through this whole thing awe struck at how this or that could happen, how this or that decision was made, how you find yourself saying that you can’t possibly see this or that judge, prosecutor or court making this or that decision and yet they do, just remember the incentives and you’ll know how and why such a thing can, has and will happen. This thing is going to trial folks, always was.


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