The Many Manipulations, Myths and Lies of the Zimmerman/Martin Case


1. AriZona Iced Tea

I like this one because I believe it is purely myth in that it started out as more than likely a mistake, probably due to successful branding, on the part of every officer who wrote about it in their reports apparently, no one corrected the mistake and so it grew into a reality. The reality is there was no iced tea, It was AriZona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail as seen in the crime scene photograph here in the top photo.


2. Skittles

Although no official photograph has yet been released, the officers note that Trayvon did have Skittles on him. What is not entirely clear is if they were Original as pictured above or Wild Berry as pictured below.


Judging by the 711 video I’m leaning towards Wild Berry as the package looks closer to purple like the computer screen below it than it does red like the clerks shirt or Watermelon Cocktail can. But it’s rather difficult to tell to be sure.


The Skittles, more-so than the “Iced Tea” no doubt, have a significance to people. But what is it? Well, I think the significance was something that was intended from the beginning of the case. It was more than likely spin that was crafted by Ryan Julison and if we look back to the first mainstream article on this case we find it’s significance expressed by Benjamin Crump “…Trayvon only has skittles. He[George] has the gun”, sentiments to this effect have been repeated ad nauseam by Crump in many articles, pressers and interviews over many months.

And judging by photos like the ones below and numerous comments to the same effect all over the net I think we can call this spin a success. I think what it does psychologically to people is it causes them to associate innocence to Trayvon and brutality to George. Along with that it draws one to conclusions that Trayvon was merely buying some Skittles and was murdered, rather than it being Trayvon assaulted George and George defending himself, and of course how could Trayvon possibly hurt anyone with Skittles after all.


3. Hoodie

What can I say but “If You See Something, Say Something”, like a white guy in a hoodie tying his shoe @2:18 of this video.




Of course the “hoodie” also played a crucial role in pushing the racial narrative, the false narrative that is.

4. Youth


If there is one aspect to this case that has been pushed hard from the beginning it is Trayvon’s youthful age. This campaign was so effective that you even have witnesses believing Trayvon was in fact a “little boy”. Mary Cutcher, witness #5 stated “The cries stopped as soon as the gun went off so I know it was the little boy.” She of course did much more than that but let’s not dwell on her too long. Her roommate Selma, also a witness, feels the same way.


Witness 18 is another who has fallen prey to this dastardly tactic. “…I do still feel it was the young boy[yelling].”


While it is true that Trayvon was 17 the point is again, to draw one psychologically towards innocence and evoke empathy. Trayvon by no means was a little boy physically speaking, all one has to do is view the 711 video. According to the Autopsy Trayvon was 5’11” 158 pounds. If any of the three witnesses named above saw trayvon walking down the dark path at night I can guarantee you they would not be thinking harmless, little, innocent boy. I can also guarantee you that anybody who has been raped, robbed or beaten by a 17 year old wouldn’t be referring to him as a “little boy” or “child”, in the empathetic way anyway.

5. Race


I won’t dwell too much on this here but no doubt this is the biggest aspect that was purposefully injected into this case right from the beginning by the Scheme Team. It was a false narrative the press was all too willing to sell and a public all too willing to buy. Trayvon’s and George’s race is mentioned in nearly every article as if it has anything to do with anything, it doesn’t. The numerous statement’s made mainly by Tracy Martin and Benjamin Crump in regards to the false racial narrative in regards to the Sanford Police Department have been well documented and is without cause. And Sybrina Fulton’s “They’ve killed my son…” is just a cherry on top of this steaming pile of s**t.

6. The Body in the Morgue


This little nugget was meant to convey at the very least indifference, if not downright corruption on part of the Sanford Police Department, because Trayvon was black don’t ya know, or because they’re supposedly friends with George, whatever, playing into black people’s fears.

On March 20th, 2012 Amy Goodman of Democracy Now questioned Jasmine Rand(@21:00 of the video in the link below) on how it was the police were not able to figure out who Trayvon was for several days and why it was his body was not claimed for several days. Rand, Martin family attorney, undoubtedly knew the truth of the matter and instead of correcting the record chose instead to pontificate about corruption in the Sanford P.D.

You can find many such comments on the net regarding the body in the morgue.


The facts are that Trayvon had no ID on him, his phone was not working and the police could not access the phone when they got it working and nobody there at the scene knew him. If in fact police knocked on the door of Brandy Green’s residence(Tracy Martin’s girlfriend and where Trayvon was staying while on suspension) that night, no one might have answered, if these people are telling the truth, because Tracy and Brandy say they were out and didn’t get home till 10:30pm. Chad, Brandy’s son, says he was in his bedroom in the front of the complex with headphones on playing video games and didn’t hear anything. When Tracy got home that night and Chad said Trayvon left for the store and didn’t come back Tracy called Trayvon’s cousin with reportedly no answer. After various calls the next morning Tracy called police to report Trayvon missing. At approximately 9:20 on the 27th Investigator Serino and other officers went to Brandy’s house and discussed what happened and Tracy identified Trayvon through police photos. The family was informed about Trayvon’s death within about 14 hours of the shooting. On the 27th the body went to the medical examiner for autopsy and by the 29th the body was able to be released to NAACP member and Funeral director Richard Kurtz. No conspiracy.

7. Trayvon’s Phone


Again in the same interview of Jasmine Rand on Democracy Now the phone is used as a method to paint the Sanford P.D. in as bad as light as possible. She goes as far as to claim they were harassing the Martin family when in fact all that is known is that Tracy was contacted and asked if he would provide the access code for the phone so the police can continue the investigation, Tracy declined.

Other points made about the phone were that the police had it and did nothing with it; find out who Trayvon was, contact DeeDee, etc. because of course, Trayvon’s black don’t ya know? The fact is the police could not access the phone without the code that Tracy would not provide.



Ugh! Don’t get me started. I believe this one actually began in the comment section of a video from The Young Turks on YouTube, at least that’s what Cenk Uygur claims.

Here’s the claim

And I believe this is the video where the comments began

That is when I started making videos on this case and the Coons/Punks thing was what I addressed first. Here was my first video regarding the matter.

Needless to say, the belief that George said coons still persists to this day.

9. The Chase

When people say George chased Trayvon they are referring to one thing; the Non Emergency Call placed by George. I spent quite a bit of time on that one myself and I am just not convinced that George chased or “pursued” Trayvon. Benjamin Crump, to this day, has again spoken ad nauseam about this aspect ‘Alls you gots to do is listen to the objective evidence’, good grief. What crump fails to realize is that the “objective evidence” can be perceived subjectively.

They hear George say Trayvon is running and get out of his SUV. I hear it take 8 to 10 seconds from the time George begins to say that to the time he closes his door to get going.

They hear wind noise and believe it’s because George is running, I simply hear wind blowing into a phone.

They hear George answer the call taker that George is following Trayvon, I hear George merely answering a question, it does not necessarily follow from that, that George has Trayvon in his sights and is in hot pursuit, could very well just be the opposite and that he has lost sight of Trayvon and moved to the spot where Trayvon had run from to see if he’s heading for the back gate as he expressed in the call.

I don’t hear running footsteps. I don’t hear heavy labored breathing. I don’t hear tense erratic speech. And for the next 1 and 1/2 minutes George is completely calm.

Oh yeah, DeeDee never mentions anything about a chase. Just that Trayvon ran while George was sitting in his SUV and sometime later Trayvon saw George.

10. Police Surveillance Video


This was one of Crump’s favorites and spurred on another assault of “just look at the objective evidence” lines puked out into the media everyday by him. This video certainly had its intended effect right into straight up conspiracy that George never even got hit by Trayvon much less assaulted. Let me ask you; can you see the broken and bloody nose in the photo below?


I can see the blood but not the broken nose and the photo I used was from the Wiki link below.

Of course as we know George was cleaned up before he was taken to the police station. Here are the only two photos of him before he was cleaned up. Too bad the police didn’t actually take good photos of him at the scene.
ABC was kind enough to release this photo nearly a month later



It was thought at first the video was leaked by, then Detective, Chris Serino
thanks to this tweet here

The answer was given by Matt Gutman that Serino was but of course Matt has removed his reply

Plenty of screen captures though


but now given that Serino told the FBI he thought the leaks were someone else it’s now believed that anyone who was leaking information is an officer in the Sanford P.D. who is a member of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, contrary to Crump’s claims of someone leaking information to hurt the Martin’s case.

11. The Happy Little Family


These three have been paraded around the world as though they were some tight knit family but thanks to the good work of folks who actually want to know the truth of the matter we find otherwise. This is what we know so far.

1990: Alicia lived in Pembroke Pines, Fl. with Charles Anderson
1991: Sybrina Fulton and David Scott have a son Jahvaris Fulton(Scott? Martin? He can’t seem to decide which last name he wants)
1993: Sybrina goes after David for child support starting on 05/05/93
1993/4: Tracy has a daughter Takira with Larisa Rozier
1994: Tracy and Sybrina Marry
1995: Sybrina and Tracy Martin have a son Trayvon
1996/7: Sybrina and Tracy break up and Tracy gets together with Alicia Twanna Stanley who says she took care of Trayvon on and off for the past 15 years and lived with her on and off for the past 5 years.
1998 – Alicia and Charles have split up by this time, Charles deeds her the house
1999: Tracy and Sybrina Divorce
1999: Larisa B. Rozier filed for child support against Tracy Martin for Takira 10/29/99
1999/2000 Tracy has a son Demetrius with Cindy Lopez
Cindy Lopez filed for child support against Tracy Martin for Demetrius 10/06/00
Tracy may have kids with Alicia
Finally there is Kevin who is Takira’s brother but from a different father
2005 Tracy and Alicia are married
2009 Tracy finds a new woman Brandy Green but is still with Alicia
2012 Tracy and Alicia Divorce Aug. 9, 2012
2012 Tracy keeps Brandy as his current relationship on Facebook
Sept. 2012 Brandy is pregnant with Tracy’s baby

“He was at my house every day, every night. I took care of him. My kids grew up with him. We grew up as a family. We were a family.” – Alicia Martin

Interviewer: Do you feel left out in any kind of way?

Alicia: “Oh yes, I feel left out. I feel left out on everything. It’s like, I raised him, 15 years, and for him to shut me out, it hurts, it hurts real bad. Now I just don’t even bother, I don’t look at the news, I don’t follow it anymore because it’s too painful.”

12. Warning Shot, Kill Shot

An important aspect to keep in mind is that the Martin’s and their attorney’s had access to the 911 calls, amongst other information, before the public making their ability to spin a lot easier.

“Lawyers Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump insisted then that they could hear two shots on one 911 call, a warning shot and a kill shot, and that that proved Zimmerman was a murderer.”

“You hear a shot, a clear shot then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life then you hear a second shot,” Jackson said.

This comes from the 911 call placed by Witness #11 that has the yells on it. You hear some yells then you hear W11’s husband in the background of the call who stated in an interview that they made their way into the kitchen and he was looking for a weapon like a knife or something and it sounds like he drops something and W11 kind of yells at him to stop, seems like he was making too much noise or something distracting her from the call. It does not sound like a gunshot, especially “a clear shot”. 15 seconds later you hear the gunshot, a clear gunshot.

Even though the Orlando Sentinel tried to correct the record it was a rather futile attempt. The media to this day, including the Sentinel gives an unadulterated, unchallenged voice to Martin’s and their attorney’s.

13. Self Appointed Neighborhood Watchman


Did this Self Appointed Neighborhood Watchman put up his own signs as well?

You can even find this one directly on Crump’s website

The idea was to paint George as a vigilante and that there was no Neighborhood Watch Program but the problem for Crump was that if he continued spinning the story that way it would conflict with his main purpose, which is to sue, so if George was acting completely on his own accord without the approval of anyone then that may be one less entity to sue.

The idea of a NW program may first have been mentioned by George in the Retreat at Twin Lakes community but it was created as a community effort with Sanford police. It had at least three NW block captains including George who was the communities main contact for the program.

14. On Neighborhood watch


There’s no evidence that George was actually on his neighborhood watch. There may be evidence that says otherwise as it was reported that George texted his wife that he was going to the store. George had said he was going to the store in his interviews with police.

That one, like with the “iced tea” actually originated with the SPD.

15. Vigilante



a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.

No doubt this term has been pushed hard unto George. If by vigilante you mean George was acting as the eyes of the law then fine I agree sort of but still this is approved by the law unless you want to make it illegal to call the police on people but I get the feeling though that when most people use the term in regards to this story they mean George acted as judge, jury and executioner. More tamer slanders though say George tried to detain Trayvon. There’s no proof of this of course and even DeeDee’s interview indicates that Trayvon approached George by Trayvon speaking first. Even George’s past calls he expresses twice he does not want to get personally involved with the people he’s called on.

16. The Police Ordered George to Stay in His Truck


This one can be attributed to spin master Ryan Julison right from the beginning of the media campaign “If the 911 protocol across the country held to form here, they told him not to get involved. He disobeyed that order,” Julison told Reuters. This statement, along with others made by the Scheme Team, leads me to believe they knew of the Non Emergency call taker advising George that “we don’t need you to do that” before the call was released. Regardless, this is just another attempt to try to paint George as the “loose cannon” vigilante.

17. Wolfinger at the Scene


Another paranoid attempt to play on blackkk peoples fears that whitey is conspiring to “sweep another dead black male under the rug” as Tracy Martin would say. Completely unfounded.

18. George’s Dad the “Highly Influential” Judge


Yet another attempt at conspiracy within the system because we must protect non blacks who kill blacks at all costs apparently. You can listen to George’s dad commit this horrendous act here.

19. If I had a Son He’d Look Like Trayvon

Certainly this case requires the attention of the President of the United States. Nothing like reinforcing the racial aspect of a completely non racial case.

20. Trayvon, The Honor Roll Student


Jahvaris Fulton Martin? Scott?, we’re still not sure what his last name is but the brother of Trayvon claims Trayvon was in honor roll classes. Yikes, ok. Yet another attempt to paint Trayvon in as good as light as possible. If in fact Trayvon was in anything labeled as a HR class it was more than likely an attempt by the system to put underachievers in with high achievers, the wisdom being, or lack thereof, this will somehow raise the expectations of the lower achievers and they somehow will magically become geniuses. Perhaps someone will release Trayvon’s school records like they did George’s and we can see for ourselves, don’t count on it.

21. Just Buying Skittles and “Iced Tea”

Really? Then why does it look like he’s spends five minutes waiting for these guys?


Perhaps if somebody ever investigates this case we’ll know but it doesn’t look like anyone is interested in what Trayvon was doing, who he really was, what really happened that night, etc., this is the Many Manipulations, Myths and Lies of the Zimmerman/Martin Case after all.

22. Trayvon Seen Just 11 minutes at the 711 Before He was Shot

It’s clear the Huffington Post, along with a couple of other media outlets reporting to the same effect, are depending on their readers inability to add. I suppose this is another attempt to push a tight time-frame in order for there not to be any time allowed for any mischievous doings on the part of Trayvon.

23. He Looks Black


Undoubtedly one of the most brazen attempts to slander George as a racist.

24. Trayvon’s Button


Sybrina Fulton both in the media and in an interview with the State Attorney’s office(p.37/284) refuses to go into the significance of the button except to say that it’s a photo of a Cousin who died some years ago which she left unnamed in the media interview but named in the report which is redacted.

25. Fun With Animation


Clearly an accurate representation.


@1:23 Watch George attack the little black boy, who is just holding his skittles and Iced Tea, then shoots him in cold blood

26. Money, Bail and Lies Oh MY!


This one of course re-inflamed the passion of those who already believe in George’s guilt and turned a few not so sure over to a guilty verdict as well. When the news first broke that George had money in the bank at the time of the bail hearing my first two questions were; 1) Did he know about the money? He was in jail after all. 2) Did O’Mara inform him he must declare all monies and assets? I never got a satisfactory answer to the second question. Regardless, it’s still remains a contentious issue and considering how much the Scheme Team caused the Zimmerman’s to fear for their lives and go into hiding with 24 hour security, new places to live, etc. who can really blame him for trying to keep some money for that which seems to have been O’Mara’s take on the matter, possibly before the bail hearing and after.

27. George Thwarted


This is another contentious issue. It was never made clear that George did in fact have a passport in a safety deposit box and that is was a hidden one in order to flee. The State cited only four lines of text from the over 100 jailhouse phone calls it claims supports their claim;


I guess we’ll just call that creative transcription because the actual conversation went like this;

For a little context, it’s unclear what George and Shelly are talking about. Shelly mentions something about Ken feeling better about this whole thing, my guess is that the “this whole thing” is the case and/or working out the details of getting everyone moved around and secured. George says at this point about Ken;

George: I don’t know when I’m going get to see him again.
Shelly: Hmm, I got to get that bag from him.
George: You know what?
Shelly: Huh?
George: I said ‘do you know what’?
Shelly: What?
George: I think my passports in that bag.
Shelly: Oh really?
George: [Acknowledges]
Shelly: Well I have one in a safety deposit box…
George: Okay you hold on to that.
Shelly: …for you.

Sound like proof to you? Not to me, sorry, I’m going to need a little more than that. I think one of the most important aspects of this conversation is that they are both talking about “a” passport, in a singular sense, there’s nothing in there that’s clear that George knows he has two passports and to hide one away. Shelly says she has one in a safety deposit box but again it’s not clear that George takes this mean he has two passports and to hide one away, he even cuts her off when she says that before she gets to the “for you” which he may be interpreting as her passport is in a safety deposit box. It just simply is not clear enough to know for sure but that didn’t seem to matter to Judge Lester when he declared that George was thwarted by his GPS device and so had to give up his second hidden passport, good grief.

Jail call


28. The Funeral Director, Richard Kurtz

I’ll let the Treehouse take this one


29. Intermediate Range


On page 127 of the 183 page pdf the Medical Examiner said in regards to the gunshot wound “This wound is consistent with a wound of entrance of intermediate range.”; and suddenly with that everyone was a forensics expert on gunshot wounds and that it meant Trayvon could not have been close to George when he was shot, meaning of course it was cold blooded murder just as they were saying all along.

It’s no surprise how people focused on that page yet ignored the page that came before that. On page 122 of the 183 page pdf the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Lab Report says of Trayvon’s sweatshirt’s;

The sweatshirts each display a hole located in the upper left chest area. The areas around these holes were microscopically examined and chemically processed for the presence of gunshot residues. Both holes display residues and physical effects consistent with a contact shot.

There are of course other problems with the classifications; 1) There is no industry standard 2) It is not a perfect science, or art if you will, one man’s “Intermediate Range” may be another man’s “Contact Shot”. @1:48:33

30. The Case is Strong


Even Judge Lester wants to join the Scheme Team with this Julisonesque quote. He even states he saw very little of the case at the time he said it yet magically Murder in the Second Degree is strong against George.

31. The Shell Casing


The final resting place of the shell casing is being wildly construed to also support the speculation that Trayvon was shot in some other position than as George states. I’ve gone into this in some detail but I’ll just repeat my final words on the matter.

The fact of the matter is the shell casing could have flown in numerous directions. It could have hit either person in the arm or clothing altering its path to some degree. It could have easily been moved and kicked around after the fact. But in the end it was near where George and the witnesses stated the shooting occurred.

32. George Chambered His Gun

This fun little speculation comes from the clicks and noises we hear in the Non Emergency call placed by George. The idea of course being that George was getting ready to murder Trayvon in cold blood. I once compared the noise to a gun being placed in a locking holster(see video above @5:50) and I bet if that same sound was recorded through a cell phone it would sound indistinguishable. Of course George didn’t have a locking holster, he had a soft cheap one made to go in between the pants and the leg for concealment. Add to this the fact that he had a fully loaded and chambered weapon which would have meant there would have been one less bullet in the clip than was found and this little theory pretty much falls flat.

33. Who Was Yelling?


Trayvon of course, as only a mother could tell but apparently not his father as was stated in the police report. I find it truly embarrassing to find such a thing like Sybrina Fulton identifying Trayvon as the one yelling for help in the Affidavit, all the defense has to do is bring in George’s family to say it was George, oh yeah, they did, now what? Needless to say, I haven’t heard any convincing argument that it was Trayvon yelling.

The best I’ve heard is that the yelling stopped after the gunshot which could just as easily mean that since the assault stopped George reacted by discontinuing the yells. Add on top of that the fact that a witness came out at that time so there was no need to continue yelling. Then you have the experts that claim it was not George yet the FBI couldn’t figure it out but I guess the guy selling his $5,000 software knows better than them.

Call me silly but I’m going with the guy who was receiving all of the damage and who was on bottom as the one yelling for help, that would be George by the way.

34. George Called 911 5 million times in a Day!

I’m exaggerating for effect of course but the media sure made headlines with how many times George called police. The reality was about 40 unique times going back about 7 1/2 years that we know of. This of course was meant to paint George out to be an over zealous paranoid wannabe vigilante cop lunatic.

35. George Called 911 5 million times on Black People!

Absolute non-sense, just look at the reports.

36. It Took 44 Days to Get an Arrest

This one really represents to me the bogosity of the entire show in that something had to be done in order to get that arrest. After Corey’s announcement of the arrest Crump tells us that the Tuesday after the shooting Tracy called the Sanford police and that they told him there was not going to be an arrest and so the Scheme Team had to be formed in order to achieve “justice”. Of course the Scheme Team will proclaim that it was not public pressure nor fear of riots that persuaded the arrest, oh no, merely that it forced a second “honest” look at the facts of the case. What a farce. Sorry to burst you bubble but there was no need to harken back to “struggles” in order to get justice. Justice was being done since the night of the shooting and if the Scheme Team would like to offer evidence to the contrary I’d like to see it but they can’t because there is nothing. Don’t look behind the green curtain folks.

37. If George Were Black

The Scheme Team confidently declares that it’s just so obvious in white America that if George had been black he clearly would have been arrested right away. My response? Cordell Lamar Jude, nuff said.

38. George Profiled Trayvon?

What the heck does that even mean? It seems that through the Scheme Teams efforts to paint George as a racist they have inadvertently created an odd new social norm; don’t profile people. Is this like a new version of don’t judge a book by it’s cover or something? Don’t be prejudiced? Huh? What’s going on here, lol. I know, because Trayvon was black and wearing a hoodie clearly he was a criminal but what does this say of Trayvon who said…

11 thoughts on “The Many Manipulations, Myths and Lies of the Zimmerman/Martin Case

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  3. Still guilty as hell of manslaughter. With your guesswork, why not also entertain Zimmerman banged his own head when he realized his paranoia resulted in the death of a kid with Skittles?

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  6. Spew all the lies you can manufacture. Don’t ya know we know you are absolutely one of the many racists out there. I don’t care. GZ is guilty as sin and will be prosecuted. Enough said.

  7. P. Chamberlain doesn’t care about the facts. Bottom line, Trayvon was just another thug. A product of his upbringing.You want to know who really killed Trayvon, his parents. Sabryna and Tracy, they killed Trayvon. The sooner Black America realizes they are their own worst enemy, the sooner there will be fewer tragedies like this. Now, let’s talk about how many Balck kids were killed by Black people in Chicago last year…………..people who think George is guilty of ANYTHING are dumber than a bag of hammers.

    • @Speedwell

      You’re a fucking racist idiot, and the shootings in Chicago have been on the news all year–so top trying to deflect from the subject. Zimmerman has a police record of instigating violent incidents, so how come you don’t think he jumped on Martin first (which I believe he did) or that he lied about how the fight started so his ass wouldn’t go to jail? BTW, Martin did not have an arrest record,but Zimmerman does, so why the hell isn’t he the thug, which he basically is? I mean, Zimmerman was taken to court for beating the hell out of an ex-girlfriend, bullying the hell out of a co-worker and racially harassing him. Here’s another incident that costs Zimmerman a job because he did something stupid:

      He also bullied the hell out of his co-worker BECAUSE his co-worker wasn’t white. So,hell, yeah, he’s racist. And,last time i looked, you don’t shoot somebody dead and NOT have it investigated in the first damn place. This whole site is full of bullshit,anyway.

      • Actually Trayvon did have a criminal past for which he should have been arrested but was not because it would reflect poorly on his school.
        Sure, George had made some mistakes in his past but the evidence presented at trial proved that Zimmerman’s testimony was true. George is no rocket scientist, nor am I for that matter, but neither the best prosecutor the government could find, a Trayvon biased Judge, nor the United States DOJ could even poke the smallest hole in George’s testimony. The testimony works out exactly with the timeline presented through the 911 call times along with the times recorded from Trayvon’s cell phone.
        The media was grossly negligent in presenting the case from only Sabrina Fulton’s perspective. The whole story was a sham and George Zimmerman was railroaded.
        Call me a racist all you want, I have plenty of decent Black friends who think I am pretty realistic and that you are out of line. Look at the facts and try to find something constructive to say.

  8. “37. If George Were Black”

    Seeing as how George Zimmerman is of Afro-Peruvian [aka “Black”] ancestry, he IS “Black.”

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