Why is It So Far Out of the Realm?

The “it” in the title is Trayvon Martin’s possible drug use on the night of Feb. 26th and/or in general. So why is Trayvon Martin’s possible drug use that night and/or in general out of the question? Even if drug use in acknowledged, by the majority who hold an opinion on this case, it is considered as negligible. But why, if true, is it negligible? It depends on who you talk to.

No one can deny Trayvon’s marijuana use but from little we have seen, from the yet to be released toxicology report, the amount of THC in his system arguably indicates no use of it that night. Then there are those who point to the use of marijuana as being a non factor due to the nature of it. I will not make this particular blog an argument on marijuana however the science is showing links between marijuana and psychosis for at least a small percentage of the population of users. Regardless, for the folks arguing from this perspective, Trayvon’s marijuana use even if on the night in question means little to nothing.

Then there are those who use the drug use aspect against the folks who bring it up to marginalize them. This is done by aggressively attacking and straw-manning anyone who brings up any possible drug use on the part of Trayvon. The strawman being that the only reason for bringing up drug use is to attack the character of Trayvon. The attacks are normally in the nature of aggression or mockery, going so far as to say anyone who brings up the drug use is either a conspiracy theorist or a racist. The intent being, as I stated, is to marginalize.

Finally there are those who will flat-out deny any possible drug use on that night because in conflicts with the false narrative. If it is true that Trayvon were on drugs at the time then it can not only be in George’s mind that Trayvon’s actions may have been of a suspicious nature. That is something of many who believe in George’s guilt cannot accept because it begins to validate George’s actions. So now that we have covered some of the responses to even the question let’s explore its validity and importance a bit.

Apparently, from what could be gathered from the evidenced released so far, the question of Trayvon’s drug use didn’t matter to Angela Corey until a month after she charged George when on May 10 Trayvon’s cousin, who was with Trayvon the night before and morning of Feb 26th, was asked about it. The one line response from him in the written report was “He said that he did not see Trayvon smoke marijuana.” I guess with that the prosecutor can say they at least asked something.

However I will say on this matter that it is doubtful that what his cousin said is true. Based off of Trayvon’s cousins tweets, and other close friends of Trayvon’s tweets, and also Trayvon’s social media, Trayvon’s marijuana use was regular in nature and not experimental and more than likely even used it the night before with his cousin according to his tweet here.

It is not only Trayvon’s possible drug use on that night that may have importance but that he may have also had drugs on him at the time he became aware of the fact that George was watching him. Both of these have explanatory power as to Trayvon’s actions. It is possible that Trayvon bought marijuana from three other youths at the 711 on that night. It is possible that Trayvon may have smoked it on the way home as he had approximately forty minutes to do so. And it is possible that marijuana, unbeknownst to Trayvon, may have been laced with bath salts, synthetic cannabis or PCP. One thing I’m not sure of here is what the lab would detect in regards to bath salts, synthetic cannabis or PCP or if they even have bothered to look for any of these.

The explanatory power of these scenarios is quite simple then. If Trayvon had drugs on him he may very well have suspected that George was some form of law enforcement and so ran, while George was sitting in his SUV, in order to stash the drugs somewhere; this explains Trayvon’s suspiciousness of George and the running. It also explains why Trayvon approached George’s SUV as he may have wanted to get a closer look at the SUV to look for indicators of law enforcement, such as lights in the grill, a police radio or anything of that nature.

But why did Trayvon go back from where he ran approximately 3 to 4 minutes earlier? If it was that Trayvon merely had drugs on him and not on anything then it’s possible that he wanted to see if he were being followed as by this time he may not have been able to ascertain whether or not George was a cop yet. Hiding behind one of the fences where the bushes are would put him out of sight but within viewing distance and possibly hearing distance of the T section where George was. From this vantage point Trayvon may have been able to determine that George was in fact not a cop.

So this leaves us with the assault and continued assault. As Serino asked; what set this kid off? The answer is simple. Trayvon felt “punked” by George, got pissed off and went back to do something about it. But why the continued assault? This is where the speculation of Trayvon merely having drugs on him and not being on anything begins to falter. Trayvon clearly had the advantage and by all evidence George didn’t even get a hit off on Trayvon, it was clearly a one way fight. Then there is the yelling for help. It’s difficult to believe that the one who has the advantage and doing all the damage is the one yelling for help. Finally there is witness number 6 who came out and yelled for them to stop and that he was calling the cops.

So why would someone who clearly has the advantage and doing all the damage continue to assault someone who is yelling for help and continue to assault someone when someone just yelled they are calling the cops? It is that which tells me that Trayvon may have just smoked something that may have something in it such as bath salts, synthetic cannabis or PCP, all of which have that capacity for this type of behavior.

Of course in the end this is all merely speculation but it is speculation that has a logical, meaningful, and valid base. It is also one that can be verifiable if someone was looking but apparently no one, including Angela Corey, even cared or care to look for. And that is also a travesty of justice and as such should never be out of the realm.


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