It Was Never About George or His Case Anyway

This is just a short message for those who are interested in my interest in the Zimmerman/Martin case.

Quite simply it was not and has never really been about George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, what occurred on Feb 26th or his case. The only reason I have to know everything there is to know about the case itself is to have the power to fight fiction with fact. Regardless, it’s about the next “George Zimmerman” and how the Chief of Police, State Attorney, Mayor, Governor, General Attorney, and the citizens will react in that future case. But just as importantly how they all act, or don’t act, in a case like Daniel Adkins.

This case, and what caught my attention from the beginning, was just what the Scheme Team; Ryan Julison, Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson, Daryl Parks, Jasmine Rand, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton sold it as being wrapped up in and what the media helped facilitate; RACE. They sold it, I’m reacting to it.

As I said this is just a short message. Later I will expound on this matter.


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