Daniel Adkins Murderer, Cordell Lamar Jude, a BLACK man, Finally indicted

I was just checking up on another shooting that occurred back on April 3, 2012. If you’re not aware of the Daniel Adkins case I’ll give you a bit of info.

29 year old Daniel Adkins, a Hispanic, was walking his dog past a drive thru when he was almost hit by a 22 year old Black man Cordell Lamar Jude, driving out of the drive thru. Adkins, who is reportedly mentally retarded, started yelling at the driver. Jude pulled out his gun, murdered Adkins, claimed self defense and the months went by without an arrest. I have just learned that on July 27 Jude was finally indicted for murder.

I talked a bit about this case on April 10 and my main interest then was to look at the reporting. One thing was the severe lack of reporting. The second thing was the clear lack of mentioning the race of the murderer.

One thing the father of Jude said will always stay with me;

“The shooter’s father worries that his son will be seen as another George Zimmerman.”This is not like that case,” the father said. “This guy was attacking my son.”

Adkins never even hit the car much-less Jude himself.



10 thoughts on “Daniel Adkins Murderer, Cordell Lamar Jude, a BLACK man, Finally indicted

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  2. F*€£Ed up how the black man always loses when it comes to the “Justice System” in America. He can be the victim or the assailant, either way he will end up on the losing side of the equation!

    • Also the capacity of a 12 yr old is likely to lose their temper and become unstable and attack even if the other person is being reasonable and “if” he was almost struck was an accident. Obviously from the Trayvon case a fist can be a threat that can supposedly result in a justifiable shooting death, according to the justice system anyway.

  3. I shoulda known!! Diwataman is on to this case 😀

    I had somebody request I start a thread on it… so I went googling… didn’t find much.. but I was linked to here.
    I have a thread and I hope you don’t mind me posting a copy of this blog item.

  4. How did they dad of the shooter know his son was being attacked? No evidence of victim holding any weapon and the shooter was in a car… push gas. Also why shoot first? If you feel threatened and hou are in your car, at least tell the guy ‘dont want to hurt you but I have a gun…’ This was murder.

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