Timeline of Evidence

This is another work in progress(which means I will be adding and changing this blog or any other blog I do which states “work in progress” as time goes on). My main interests are in what was know from the beginning of the case to March 13 when Serino requested Capias and from when Angela Corey was assigned, March 22 to George’s arrest, April 11.

Feb 26
Audio interview W6 Serino
Audio interview W13 Serino
Audio interview W18 Serino
71-78/183 SPD Report (8 Pages) Doris Singleton
George gives audio interview with Singleton
George makes written statement

Feb 27
1-18/183 SPD Report (18 Pages) Ricardo Ayala
George gives audio interview with Serino
George does a video walk through
George passes Voice Stress Test

Feb 28
W9 call in taken by SPD officer Perkins

Feb 29
George gives a 3 part audio interview with Serino and Singleton

March 1
Audio interview W1 Serino
Audio interview W2 Serino
Audio interview W5 Serino
Audio interview W16 Serino
185-195/284 FDLE Bullet evidence submitted by C. Taylor, completed March 8
196-197/284 FDLE DNA/GSR evidence submitted by C. Taylor

March 2
Audio interview W5 Serino
Audio interview W11 Serino
Audio interview W16 Serino
Audio interview W20 Serino
19-25/183 SPD Report (7 Pages) Leon H. Ciesla
George does voice yelling reenactment for audio comparison(this was a failure on part of the investigators to have George do it correctly for comparison)

March 5
Audio interview W14 Serino
17/183 SPD office Joe Santiago contacts Tracy Martin to obtain password for Trayvon’s cell phone. Tracy said he would contact his lawyer before releasing the information to police.

March 6
79-85/183 SPD Report (7 Pages) Diana Smith

March 8
120-1/183 FDLE Lab Report (Firearms test)

March 9
Audio interview W2 Serino

March 10
Audio interview W19 Serino

March 12
28-34/183 SPD Report (7 Pages) Kristen Bentsen

March 13
35-47/183 SPD Report (13 Pages) Christopher F. Serino
26-27/183 Capias Request from Serino

March 15
125-30/183 Autopsy Report
67/284 FDLE receives request from Wolfinger for assistance

March 18
48-54/183 SPD Report (7 Pages) Christopher F. Serino

March 19
52-53/284 FDLE Interview W3
54-55/284 FDLE Interview W
56-57/284 FDLE Interview W
58-59/284 FDLE Interview W
68/284 FDLE George Zimmerman’s dad goes to FDLE office
74-75/284 FDLE Interview SPD Wendy Dorival
145-147/284 Evidence locations
55-61/183 SPD Report (7 Pages) Christopher F. Serino

March 20
119/183 FDLE Lab Report
50-51/284 FDLE Interview W
60-61/284 FDLE Interview W6
62-64/284 FDLE Interview W
65-66/284 FDLE Interview W2
70/284 FDLE Interview W
71-72/284 FDLE Interview W13
198-203/284 FDLE evidence(George’s Jacket and Shirt) submitted by D. Smith
204-214/284 FDLE evidence(Trayvon’s Hoodie and sweatshirt) submitted by D. Smith

March 21
115-6/183 FDLE Lab Report
73/284 FDLE Searches W13’s phone for photos

March 22
Norman R. Wolfinger writes a Letter to Governor Rick Scott asking to be removed from the case. Angela Corey assigned picked from the twenty State Attorney’s in Florida by Governor Scott

George gives voice exemplars for voice comparison.

George gives his Blackberry phone for data download, returned same day.

122-3/183 FDLE Lab Report
Audio interview Co-worker, “Achmed the terrorist” W22 SAO-Sanford Veaudry
63-69/183 SPD Report (7 Pages) Christopher F. Serino
146-148/183 Audio Evidence sent to FBI, George’s non emergency call for “Fucking punks” and W11 911 call with yells for comparison. Received on March 23. Completed April 2.

March 23
Anonymous Crimeline tip about an 8 year old female witness (Investigated March 28 witness never found)
23/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews SPD officer Smith, Tim

March 24
81-82/284 FDLE Interviews EMD; O’Rourke, Turner, Livingston, and Rochefort

March 25
Serino calls George on the 25 and 26 to set up an interview with SAO Rionda and George on the 28th.

March 26
George’s Concealed Weapons Packet received by FDLE
24/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W
25/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W6
26/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W
27/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W13
28/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews Tracy Martin & Sybrina Fulton
29/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W2
85/284 FDLE background check on instructor of the firearms safety training course taken by George(11/7/09)
87-88/284 FDLE retrieves Retreat at Twin Lakes clubhouse videos
104-109/183 FDLE Lab Report

March 27
FDLE Subpoena T-Mobile Trayvon’s Phone records and location data (results obtained March 28)
FDLE SA Lee obtains Khol’s video (Reviewed on April 20th nothing of evidentiary value)
30/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W
31/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W
32/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews Brandy Green
33/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews Cheryl Brown
86/284 FDLE Interviews instructor of the firearms safety training course taken by George.

March 28
Bernie de la Rionda requests all FDLE Lab reports
117-8/183 FDLE Lab Report
124/183 FDLE Lab Report
126/284 FBI Confirms George 6 hour required firearms safety training course.

March 29
FDLE Trace on George’s gun (results obtained on April 4)
34/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews SPD officer Singleton
35/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews ME Malphurs
69/284 FDLE Interviews 711 Clerk

March 30
67/284 FDLE Retrieves one CCTV video(4pm-8pm) from the clubhouse at the Lake Edge Apartments in Sanford Florida which points towards the intersection of Rinehart Rd. and Towne Center Blvd. States nothing of evidentiary value.
91/284 FBI interview Gun Dealer
92/284 FBI interview Gun Dealer
104/284 FBI interview Gun Dealer
105/284 FBI interviews old neighbor of George that hasn’t seen him in over 10 years.
110/284 FBI interviews RTL HOA member (incomplete report)
114/284 FBI interview Gun Dealer
115/284 FBI interview Gun Dealer
117/284 FBI interviews RTL HOA member
121/284 FBI interview Gun Dealer
135/284 FBI interviews RTL HOA member
140-144/284 FBI interview of ex Fiancé

April 2
FDLE Subpoena Sam’s Club Video, M&I Bank video, TRUSTCO video
Ariel photos taken
2/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Ayala
3/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Bernosky
5/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Ciesla
6/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Davila
7/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Johnson
8/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Lynch
10/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer McCoy
11/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Mead
12/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Raimondo
13/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Robertson
14/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Santiago
15/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Serino
19/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Taylor, L.
19/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Taylor, M.
22/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Wagner
36/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews W8
37/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews Sybrina Fulton
40/284 O’Steen(SAO) interviews Tracy Martin
83/284 FDLE communicates with Simple Mobile LLC about phone records from 2/26 to 4/02(W8)
106/284 FBI interviews RTL resident
109/284 FBI interviews RTL resident
111-112/284 FBI interviews RTL resident
113/284 FBI interviews RTL resident
122-3/284 FBI interviews RTL resident
125/284 FBI interviews RTL resident

April 3
4/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews Seminole County officer Broderick
84/284 FDLE obtains final autopsy report
97-100/284 FBI Interview Co-worker of George
124&Missing page/284 FBI Interview SPD Officer Serino(Typo date of March 3)
127-128/284 FBI Interview RTL resident and NWP member
176/284 FDLE requests SPD Mobile Data Terminal car to car transmissions
FDLE requests Fire Department and EMS radio transmissions (CAD Report, all received April 4)

April 4
16-18/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews W18
21/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews W
95/284 FBI Interview W (incomplete report)
96/284 FBI Interview SPD Wendy Dorival
103/284 FBI Interview of arresting officers in George’s incident regarding friends arrest
116/284 FBI Interview of SPD officer Memminger, Josh(Report typo of date as March 4)
118-120/284 FBI Interview Co-worker of George
132-134/284 FBI Interview Co-worker of George
136-138/284 FBI Interview Co-worker of George

April 5
93-94/284 FBI Interview SPD office Barnes
107-108/284 FBI interviews RTL resident and NW street captain(female)
129-131/284 FBI interviews RTL Association manager
139/284 FBI interview of x fiancé’s mother

April 6
101-102/284 97-100/284 FBI Interview Co-worker of George

April 9
FDLE SA Lee Requests copy of FBI analysis of the word George said “Fucking ____” and scream comparison

April 10
38/284 O’Steen(SAO) George Zimmerman call to SAO

April 11
FDLE SA Lee requests all FBI records of interviews
76/284 FDLE George Zimmerman arrest
89-90/284 FDLE George Zimmerman arrest/retrieves items from George’s rented truck and gives them to family.

April 20
FDLE SA Batchelor Search Warrant T-Mobile records and location data (May 3 results; no results for time frame specified)
FDLE SA Lee reviews Clubhouse video’s (nothing of evidentiary value)

April 26
77-80/284 FDLE interviews Air Marshall

April 27
39/284 O’Steen(SAO) Interview Chad

May 1
Court order to Google (stored data, password access assistance)

May 4
Received Sam’s Club Video

May 9
110-114/183 FDLE Supp. Lab Report Blood stains on George’s jacket and shirt

May 10
9/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews Trayvon’s Cousin

May 14
Court Order T-Mobile reactivating voice and data service

May 25
Biographical Data W44 George’s Friend

May 29
1/284 Gilbreath(SAO) interviews SPD officer Villalona

May 31
Interview W44 George’s Friend

July 26th
FDLE Lab Report (Skittles and Flashlight)

August 2
W8 “DeeDee” meets with prosecutors


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