Tracy Martin, Sanford PD and NOBEL

Thanks to the good folks who blog and contribute to the Conservative Treehouse we get a clearer and more accurate picture of the story behind the story regarding the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. If it weren’t for them paying attention, to all of the actors involved, many details would be missed. And so, as it is, now we are presented with the latest example of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives(NOBEL). In and of itself it is not surprising the Martin’s would speak at the annual conference of NOBEL but it was this little detail that could have easily been missed that is significant; “Had it not been for members of NOBEL organization, who are in the Sanford police department, the case would’ve went cold.” said Tracy Martin. In the Sanford police department? In one of the most racially divided cases since the King case? Say it ain’t so.

Thanks to Treehouse commentator, maggiemoowho, we now know of at least one SPD NOBEL member; Darren L. Scott. I’m still in the process of trying to identify who and how many black police officers there are in the SPD but in the meantime; according to the latest information at the FDLE there are 21 black SPD officers, 18 male and 3 female, according to the Herald-Tribune’s officer database there are 19. Here is the list according to the Herald-Tribune;

Arthur L Barnes
Shannon M Boleware
Ronald A Carter
Sherry Ann Cleveland
Fredrick Levi Eldridge Jr.
Donald M Flowers
Joshua Foster
Vance C Hall
Willie L Harden
Raymond L. Irvin
Cynthia M Littles
Joshua C Memminger
Ronny R Neal Jr
Trekelle Perkins
Nigel J Price
Darren L Scott
Ence Spann
Matthew Walker
Joseph J Wiggins

So what does this mean? This information leads us to legitimate questions and concerns. It really harkens back to the beginning of this case and how we got here, a post I will expound upon at a later date, it’s a question of “where’s the fire”. Right from the beginning and to this very day Tracy Martin has claimed police misconduct of one sort or the other, be it indifference or even a cover up based on skin color. But to date there has been absolutely no evidence of any such thing. NOBEL claims it was one of the first organizations to reach out to the Martin’s, but why? Why should they have? When did they? And how did they find out about the case?

Serino stated to the FBI that he was concerned that many of the leaks in the Zimmerman/Martin case are coming from within the SPD. He then names Arthur L Barnes, Trekelle Perkins and Rebecca Villenove, Villenove is white but her boyfriend is black, as pressuring him to file charges. Serino eventually did ask for charges to be filed on March 13 though three days later he stated publicly that there are no grounds for an arrest as of now because there is no probable cause to dispute George’s story.

Could it possibly be that a NOBEL member(s) in the SPD attempted to help facilitate the public outrage in this case by informing his/hers higher ups, thereby getting them involved when there were no need for them to be, and possibly leaking information? I think it’s quite possible. Or even worse; evidence tampering? Witness intimidation? Who knows. But then what does this make of Tracy’s claims to the opposite? I would say at the very least it diminishes the claim. It’s kind of hard to claim cover up when in fact any cover up may have been actually to his benefit and later resulting in the change of prosecutors and ultimately arrest of George Zimmerman.


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