The Shell Casing

To put it simply, it is pointless to examine the shell casing in terms of its location beyond the fact that it is close enough to George’s statements to not cause concern. However that doesn’t stop some from looking anyway and drawing wild conclusions. Let’s take this one step at a time.

The shell casing was found in close proximity to Trayvon’s body. However there is one major problem; scene contamination. There were approximately fifteen people who walked in and out of the scene. Trayvon was turned over and given CPR by numerous people. The medical examiner came and collected the body. It was only after all of that was the bullet casing found. The casing could have easily been kicked around, even numerous times, leaving any conclusion hoped to be drawn futile. Based on these facts alone I could end this article here and be satisfied at a job well done. However, in the name of fun, why not continue.

I have seen others examine the shell casing location and come to the conclusion that George is at the very least lying. I can show though that the location of the shell casing actually supports George’s statements. First let us look at the weapon used and how it ejects its shell casing. Please watch this video.

As you can see there is a wide variety to the ejection of the shells; some go straight up, some nearly straight to the right and sometimes they can even fly to the left, some look to land just next to the shooter, some perhaps behind and maybe some to the front of the shooter. However I would say the majority of shells looked to land just right of the shooter.

According to witnesses and George’s statements, Trayvon ended up face down on the ground. The police arrived and rolled him over to give him CPR. I have not discovered as of yet which direction they rolled him over but judging by the position of the body and by the landscaping and sidewalk it appears to me they rolled him over from the East to the West away from the sidewalk. His head position is pointed NNE and feet SSW. Compared then to the position of the shell casing it looks like they may have literally rolled Trayvon right over and past the shell casing. This then would put the shell casing landing to West of Trayvon as he was shot.

Let us go back to the witnesses and George’s statements. Witness #6 first states he sees Trayvon on top of George with Trayvon’s back to him slightly turned to the left allowing him to see George looking up facing the witness. This matches George’s account of what happened. George goes on to state he managed to wiggle downward to get his head off of the sidewalk. Witness #6 goes on to state that before he went back inside he believes they were positioned parallel to the sidewalk and even on top of the sidewalk. Clearly George would not have positioned himself further onto the sidewalk putting himself in greater danger so I believe that they were very close to the sidewalk giving Witness #6 the impression that they were in fact on the sidewalk. They are now positioned with Trayvon’s back to the South.

Listen then to Witness #5 and #16 and they tell us that they see George on top of the back of Trayvon after the shooting with his back to them. This also matches George’s account of what happened. Between Witnesses #6, #5, #16 and George’s statements the best conclusion we could draw is that when George shot the shell casing went just to the right, that is West, of their position. Look at the evidence location diagram page 145 and that is just what you will find, remembering that the police more than likely rolled Trayvon over and past the shell casing.

The angle of the gun to the ground, considering George was lying on the ground when he shot, could be anywhere from 30 to 60 degrees, perhaps even a wider play of degree given the circumstance, and would not radically alter the path of the shell casing.

The fact of the matter is the shell casing could have flown in numerous directions. It could have hit either person in the arm or clothing altering its path to some degree. It could have easily been moved and kicked around after the fact. But in the end it was near where George and the witnesses stated the shooting occurred.


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