Timeline Starting with George’s Call

This is a work in progress(which means I will be adding and changing this blog or any other blog I do which states “work in progress” as time goes on) regarding times of calls and events starting with George’s Non Emergency call.

7:09:34 George Connection Time (4m4s phone call) (Event Report#2012571656)
7:13:41 last entry (Event Report#2012571656)
7:16:11 Possible Connection Time W11 (Media)
7:16:41 Possible Connection Time W3 (Media)
7:16:56 Gunshot
7:17:11 ARV I assume means arrival by Tim Smith (Event Report#2012571656)
7:17:36 PEU (Event Report#2012571656)
7:19:52 PEU (Event Report#2012571656)
7:20:21 REM (Event Report#2012571656)
7:20:30 Connection Time Possibly George calling 911 or just a duplicate report (Event Report), George does look like he is on the phone in the bloody head photo taken on scene by W13. (Event Report #20120571685)

SFD Dispatch (284page PDF)
7:20:05 Connection Time
7:21:08 Dispatched Rescue38

7:19:07 ABC Bloody Head Photo Metadata

Media Reported and Crump Upload of Trayvon’s Cell Phone records
7:12:00(:59) – 7:15:01(:59)

Page 40/183pdf (Zimmerman Discovery)
Event Report #2012571656
7:11:12 Start George Call
7:15:23 End George Call
Event Report #2012571669
7:16:43 Connection Time W11
7:17:20 Gunshot
Event Report #2012571671
7:17:40 Tim Smith arrives on scene
7:19:43 Tim Smith locates and places George in custody

ABC Bloody Head Photo

Reported 911 Call Times



4 thoughts on “Timeline Starting with George’s Call

  1. This is Fantastic!!! Thanks DiwataMan, too cool!!! You’re di man!!! 🙂

    All the best. You seem quite organized, with the vid’s and such, so I think this will be smooth sailing for you.

  2. So according to Crump-a-dump and other reports, Martin got off the phone at around 7:15 and Zimmerman got off the phone at around the same time. Doesn’t this seem to corroborate Zimmerman’s claim that Martin confronted him “seconds” after he got off the phone with the non-emergency dispatcher?

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